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Yandere boyfriend makes me wanna nu- I mean makes me wanna go yippie

Naw cuz when the game was trying to give me my free 10 roll it crashed and didn't give me my cards so I'm like stuck lmaoo..
#Badluckmoment [暈]



It's better than Pinterest when it comes to fanart of certain animes or games.. Also its nice to secretly follow or like something..

Blush Blush


Its pretty much just pc Blush Blush but in mobile- Which is the only difference is its on phone instead of pc.. The photos are a bit better than before,, and it feels less.. crappy?

Wind Boys!


Wind Boys is kinda like A3! but with boys who are into instruments. The boys in this game are pretty cute and have great personalities. I recommend checking this game out if you also like A3!

Sei's so cute,, makes me wanna cuddle him.. ( ●ω●)

New Gardening Boy


I cant even play it, each time it keeps saying "Unknown Error"

Create Boyfriend


It's really cute and it gives us a generous amout of BP for us [賣萌]
I also do love the characters too-
All of them are so unique and cute !
Especially Makoto [開心]

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