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im just an idiot weaboo
Lontong balap 42071516

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im just an idiot weaboo
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booba ??? count me in ! the sound kinda crappy and no storyline whatsoever, as long as there a boobas count me in !

a simple yet powerful game [色色] love the simplicity but its challenging, craft a powerful jobs and use some skills this game is rad man

Girl Cafe Gun | Japanese


its a great game overall, you will be greeted with amazing song on the welcome screen, inside the game it's very smooth, i got potato phone and can run smoothly on low setting.
gameplay is moderate and some map will require manual playing as the ai is not so good on a several stages. i can understand how to do although i had no clue about Japanese (maybe its just my gaming instinct who told me) 🤣 but yeah I'll say this game is great require NO VPN, and fun to killing some time

P.S on several SSR costume (especially summer ones) you can touch the "special place" and give "special effect" and boom :v dont ya dare to lewd the lolis 🔥🔥

the English version is too bit fast for catching the events, man I can't keep up 🤣

Rebel Racing


an okay racing game, the track is short but the thrilling is there when you have same cp with your enemy, but a bit boring when you got the upperhand
event is good but yeah still lack in rewards, and if you want to unlock the offroad mode you need to spend money, but yeah its reasonable price tough
so y'all who busy but want to play racing games, this game will be great for y'all

this game is another "in progres game" still in development state, the seiyuus is like a lazy person, i felt that way when playing this game, gameplay is unique with turn based strstegy game and each character had their own abilities and fun to play
storyline is a bit boring, sound is not too great and not too bad either

overall its great game, so much waifu and mechs to collect, but as you know from gacha games, it so pay to win but as long as i got my waifu so who cares ? [色色][色色]

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