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I haven't even watched the anime it is based on but enjoy turn based combat games and this is really good.

Already have three Ssr members without having to drop money and the story, graphics and cut scenes are done well

Really enjoy the tactical turn based system. Just wish that characters from VII onwards were more readily available for the gacha

Ive been getting into strategy games more and with my interest in the Three Kingdoms, it hits the spot.

Just wish there were more English spraking players as the servers are all dominated by Chinese. So joining an alliance is a no go.

As others have said as a F2P player its going to be rough going

That said i do like the Build, Battle and collect heroes genre tyoe of games, which this is

Archeland | Korean


Newly released Korean game that is basically a 3D version of Fire Emblem heroes.

Turn based with superb graphics. Hoping for a global release soon!

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