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One of the best gachas, I never expected a free SSR, it made me like this even more.

Yet another cash grab by Scamco. Needs a fricking vpn since it has f***ing region lock.

A really good time killer, cute graphics, easy to play, and good rates.
Absolutely play this game, it doesn't even take up much space, only 100mb.

[耍帥][耍帥]Literal one of the best games i've played.[賣萌][賣萌][色色][色色][開心][開心][哇噻][哇噻]

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Trade/Cambio Not looking for anything in particular, I'll take both GLB and JP. Just DM me and send pics of your offers.
No busco nada en particular, tomaré cuentas globales y de JP. Envien fotos de sus ofertas a mi Discord.
Discord: SterbenAlter#5842
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