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Friedrich Pianezzola 41932094

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RETRO SCHOOL : Epic idle


Region locked, ridiculous

Lord of the Other World


looks good, but i fear for it on long term gameplay, hope they'll add something intriguing

Super Magic Wars


Take Magic survival, add some things, remove the English and voilà



Had issues installing it, tried everything to install it and after half an hour of deleting apps, restarting device, deleting caches, redownloading for the fourth time the game i managed to install it
Then as soon as i opened it, it showed who made the game and got stuck on a black screen, not because of my device, i could see the pointer effects while dragging my finger around
Yeah, very well optimized i guess, dunno what's the deal with this game between issues with downloading/installing/starting the game and definitely fake reviews pumping the score
I hope I'm the one that's wrong and that the game is at least enjoyable for the ones that can play it

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i really hope it doesn't let us down and that the co-op feature is actually nice
I'm tired of all the city builder strategy mmo games into which whoever pays more monopolizes a server, this could be a nice breath of fresh air for its genre
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