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Path to Nowhere


in short: half action half strategy anime waifu husbando thriller game.
You gacha for strong sinners (units name in this game like operators in arknights, raise them, then move them like a pro to pull off faster exact combos. Then enjoy the story and characters, they are well written and easy to digest for 12+

Long answer:
Graphics. really good looking characters, illustrations, cutscenes, trailers and UI. might be one of its top quality to the point lots of player stare at their fave chara in background and spam pokes at em

Sound. dang good, good music, good SFX, no weird catchy bland anime songs but cool and dark OST most of time fitting its theme. Has many dubs and it is REALLY REALLY RARE for me to find a good eng dub like DMC, MG series. You can hear their accents felt natural, no forced intonations that felt like they intentionally add those verbaltics to their sentences unlike most anime cheap loli jp dub, almost all anime eng dub and genshin eng dub that sounds like some random kid reading some script blandly in class when asked.

sorry for the rant but it is just so rare and good. gotta diss something else to elevate it even further for me in terms of voice.
in terms of music/bgm. it is also pretty good. not as memorable, impactful and NEXT LEVEL as Arknights and Counterside but gud stuff is GUD stuff

Gameplay. was hyped for tower defense genre like arknights at first but couldnt be anymore different.
1. You CANNOT rotate your units, they all face right even even when enemies comes up from left to right
2. you dont use some DP or deploy cost, you use 1-7 deployed units at start then move them around with limited ammo/chance/move per stage. no redeploy. This lets you do easier AFK clear most of the time on easier stages
3. due to mechanics on how to pull off combos, the game is pretty much no longer Tower Defense (TD) but mostly action at this point. Move, skill, swap, anim cancel spam, ult spam technique, chief skill, ult, anim cancel spam. Feels like street fighter on new console/map/touchscreen instead of D Pads and stick
4. has a lot of raid options but 2 most important and tedious daily stages cant be skipped nor raid where 1 touch and done.
5. needs more big brain than AK to me if you wanna pull off low rating sinners clear on harder stages. But usually it is dang easy as you start with full characters on the go, no DP problems
6. also seriously need a lot of QoL updates like more skips, less tedious manual, crimebrand presets, etc tho or i might quit after a year or so like i did on genshin sumeru haha

Storyline. what if AK care less about worldbuilding, just hinting them as the genre is mystery based on SCP, and focuses more on characters and events. Feels so ez to digest and enjoyed unless you dont like the hars being focused on it

Value. as of now it feels like a side game with really good graphics. Not much content to be enjoyed once you are done with story and reached highest difficulty dailies. Then bear with the tedious manual-only long ass dailies while waiting for newer events.

I hope they add more skip (oblivion pit),
less manual dailies (instant difficulty III on BFL)
and more modes, say, enemies coming from above like tetris and our sinners faces up. Some abyss with >10 floors and extra optional difficulties for more rewards, etc

a pretty good game to play on semi afk while making ur morning coffee or tea on dead weeks no events

Moon Rabbit Raising


first off, this game majorly is an AFK game but doing manual play can let you pull off cool combos where u should have 10sec cd on a skill into spamming said skill 3x if done right

GRAPHIC is simple but really cute. u got cuties u can always level up and grind for. what else do u need?

SOUND.. is good and variative for each skill voice but lacking in variation when idle. The musics are nothing like typical generic anime game opening. it is good and got that divine vibe.

GAMEPLAY. mostly AFK as mentioned first. manual play for better combos. basically it is grind griiiind GriiIiiIIiiNnnNNnddDDd like madlads then enjoy the feeling of raising 2 bunny and cat girl cuties hehe.
AND there is no wasted grind since collecting stuffs also increases in combat power.
minimum DAILIES is really short, just a few taps and 3mins worth of ads if u dont pay a bit. wont even take 10 mins if done right and u can allocate more time if u want to maximaze ur rewards. The game modes so far are AFK grind, daily dungeons, and many kinds of abyss / defense / boss stage. do watch out that the numbers are really over-the-top or skewed. imagine using 2 000 000 000 000 gold for 1 upgrade from lv 37000 atk stats to lv 37001 atk stats haha.

STORYLINE is so simple and generic that u can remember them from one look. but still amusing/entertaining enough for me since it was done by 2 cuties kek

VALUE real nice one for long term play, isnt time demanding, never really ends or wont end soon at all since the GgririiIIiIiNNNNnnnnNNnnNNDDDddddDd is REEEAAALLL, perfect for those who cant help to check their phone/game every hour > upgrade a bit like 1-3 minutes then back to work especially if ur phone bothers u a lot when working. Using emulator isnt a bad idea either for almost 24h active AFK grind. Best game to help with gacha urges and attention problems imo.

AFK Arena | Global


graphic is very good, just me not liking these kind of western chibis style like movie Frozen proportions. not sure why i just never liked em since i was small, even if the story is good but the visual bothers you.. it is just you know. It is good tho

sound.. not so much to me, i can only hear giggling and some SE and kinda chuuni sounding english voice on video. mutrd most of these, u might like em gigglings or there are good sounds that i didnt notice since i ald muted most of it

gameplay.. isnt AFK despite the title lmao, battle is so short that you have to to do stuff soon enough after the battle making this not a so AFK. you gotta be glued for 20mins at least to clear all minimum dailies to not waste em. And it got events that might hlue u to ur gadget for hours with their awesome minigames! should be 5* if not for this game being not having any actual practical AFK to it

storyline dunno, i started this not due to my interest to the game, mine grew after tasting the game after playing it for 2 weeks with some other purpose

value.. if you like collecting chars with very casual and fun gameplay and minigames.. also farmable everyday premium currency for rolling.. and also some collab chars around that might come again like Overlord and Persona 5.. plus innately cool or cute or pretty (no hot due to their artstyle lmao) chars.. the game is pretty good. To each their own as usual. Gave it 5 because this sits very well with except it being not actually AFK keeeeeek

Blue Archive | Global


i Kinda agree with the review below me. Mostly just salty people who cant understand math, culture, and context. for every 1 good review/reply, i see >9 unredeemable people but i regress. Back to game review.

+ Cute, pretty, cool, kind, smiley, sadistic, sister, maid, etc etc girls. Mainly 2D illustrations but equipped with some L2D on menus and 3D Chibi on gameplay. _(°ω°」 ∠)

+ Basically you are kinda self inserting yourself as Sensei in this game especially on the galleries, they just make you think these girls are alive as you unlock their stories, much more than typical gacha like FGO. i played that one for 4 years and i couldnt get into it, feeling that immersion much on FGO. But on this one i sure did.[開心][開心]

- Sad the momotalk (some relationship progression with characters are shown using pseude chat app in game) doesnt allow us to save pictures in it and the scrolling in it is so bad.[憋屈]

Overall really good with some flaws which they wont fix im sure but they are ignorable.[鬼臉]

simply good.
+ They pronounces our chosen name pretty well with japanese smol girl (yesh underage loli) tone and accent but somehow sounds smooth like a professional talker (granted this being a game so it is a real VA but yeah the vibe is a loli that can talk smoothly) with a character named Arona. I been using mine to make dirty jokes like

XXX WAN SEGGGGGS Sensei. Please schedule it" says Arona "to us. [色色][厲害][開心][哇噻]

+ Good musics and OST. Just check youtube and hear for yourself. i wont say it is REALLY GOOD like those famous audio music company works but it fits the situations and vibe in game, i just cant criticize it badly at all despite me being someone who loves to badmouth or undermine most things.

+- Not variative lines in battle but oh well, ignorable imo. The lines on the L2D is already good enough.

+ can auto
+ can do manual play for better results
+ playing around with cute girls
+ early update of 300 pity to 200

+- rushed reschedule. Think for yourself on how to take advantage of it instead of saying skipped banners, Nexon being stupid and whatnot. The real nexon thingie isnt on this part.

- ùseless profile. Literally does nothing
- Guild only for getting extra daily 10 AP. Does nothing else

now this is where the Nexon thingie comes in.
- Global server but we are less global than JP
- IP restriction
- auto server choosing, cant choose server
- shitty security where mods and hackers are everywhere
- slow ban, even though we give them screenshots and comparisons. Often take 2 days at least. They dont ban obvious hackers/mods by themselves at all either. Example: top 100 but with really really low lv implicating 1 HIT KILL CHEAT
- They dont fix abusable stuff and we dunno if they actually ban those abusers or just let them be
- they dont do rollback despite having some emergency problems after MT. Robbing the game of it is fairness.
- too much unnecessary censors when chatting
- they dont fix some issues at all, especially ones that crash the game somehow. I can run full graphics of the game without lag but often it crashes immediately when i
1. tap rapidly on anything, especially when loading
2. when i try to open the game again after some crash or after i closes other apps and try to open Blue Archive in quick succession
3. closes when i try to send image on customer support making me have to open the game like 3 times before i can send 1 report.

+ casual crimes with students UwU[哇噻][厲害]
+ basically GTA but using cute, pretty, beautiful and or crazy girls, with some extra big monsters. So a mix of GTA and Monster Hunter terms of story i believe.
+ lotsa of characterization in story
+ can replay story
- hard to rush when you are low lv especially on difficulty spike stages ahaha[睡覺]

+ good for artists
+ good for memers
+ good for gacha addiction due to generous rewards after MT
+ good for content creators who ķnows how to tweak music and so on
+ good as idle game
+ good for laughs as casual players can do it well too
- bad for your mental health due to crash CRASH CRUSH CrASh cccCCCRrraaAaaAaAAsSSsssSsSHhhhHH. Like 2-3 chrashes a day minimum. Honest [no][no][no][no]
+- this good game might chance you into a pedo. All students are 15-17 years old alias the body can do it but they are not legal yet [懵懂][懵懂]

Woulda been 5 5 5 4 4 if not for Nexon. Currently 5 5 3 4 4. This a prime example of a good game in a bad hand. Yostar where r u..

Regardless, just enjoy the casual crime with adorable illegal waifus.

Arknights | English


reallt epic, why didnt i start playing since day 1 launch i wonder..

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