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The Fate of Wonderland


i was actualy disapointed, to choose the good/yes/ answers requires payment, and alot of gems, to choose no/or other answer if free, so you wont get the story your hoping for, or the ending, without paying im taking it out my fone sorry, ive done similar games before and not had to pay for the yes or good choice. other than that its kinda cool. but i got too bored with the answers and not having a choice of my own to make thats a free one.

wow so many long ads, could have done with some extra save spots, and as soon as you get to the admin section you get caught so much easier, and lose life, would have been alot more fun if lives were like the park section. i didnt even get to walk up admin corridors, felt like i was set up to buy my way through. apart from that, great game, great graphics and sounds shame to put me at very begining after giving me just 1 life.

i found it pretty unresponsive, first game, i moved to the table but it didnt respond to picking up the paper, the 2nd game the directions were all dodgy and didnt move or when it did it went one way. i was looking forward to this but it just disnt seem to work for my device well and the menu was too small way too small

It was somewhat fun and enjoyable, I was a bit put off that it was like pinball, but still quite fun,

So far i like 🙂 i do however find the game response a bit delayed, and what would make it more super is a in game translate for global players 👍🏻👌🏻
Im using huwaei p smart 2019 would be worth 6* if it was also based on fighting cards like the anime. and a whole new story chapter after playing through actual episodes would be awsome. collect cards, battle. was what i expected really. felt let down. but was cute and kinda fun. hope to see it like the real anime somerime.



Im still trying to understand how the whole things works, its like yu gi oh if you understand that youll know this. Otherwise i guess its ok.

Jumputi Heroes


i have lost all my game progress, thanks alot, all i have is my email and user name and ive had no help with trying to claim my game file back, im really not happy ive lost all game files. i contacted line and i just keep going in a circle, all you need to check is my user and email, only i had that usename.

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I play the other one and i love it even tho its japanese i use screen translater lol its cool  Read Note
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