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Hello! I post about things I like ^^ (*´ω`*)
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Hello! I post about things I like ^^ (*´ω`*)
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you know that feeling like ur soul is near heaven, yeh its this one

Pokemon Unite


im not really into mmoba type of games but i find this game fun



JAPAN GETS THE GOOD STUUFF! XD love the whole thing u wish we coyld get this version in english i seriously want to play this! also can i ask u guys something (the commenters) do you guys understand japanese? do you guys speak/type in english in game cause if you guys do it would be nice to have some people to talk to in games since i dont know how to speak and type in japanese (i wanna learn japanese too im interested in many languages and jap is my #1 interest!)

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Random So I was always curious about who wa the seiyuu of our boi Gilbert the Butler ..and now i decided to search AND I CAN'T TVT
THE VOICE RANGE! So this Butler have the same voice of freaking THE ARMORED TITAN 
not to mention he is Soda in Danganronpa 2, boi Yusuke Asahina in Lo- i mean brothers conflict , Sousuke in Free, Hyuga in KNB and Asahi in Haikyuu (the guy got loads of sports anime under his belt tbh) and also freaking Tokoyami of BNHA....
damn we got a big one 
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