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Sakura Ignoramus


Game doesn't even start

Dolphin Wave


Game won't even open after installing

Blue Reflection Sun


Great game so far; game artwork is not as good it should be.



SSR pull rate is terrible. Game also needs more daily login rewards.

Great game; I enjoyed playing it everyday for about 4 months when it didn't give me enough free mats to level up my main 5 characters every day. It then started taking every 2 days. Graphics could be much better... but they work. No apparent game lag on long battles.

Thoroughly enjoying the game so far!

It's not too bad. I like the combat. I ran out of stamina though on my 2nd day. Added: I eventually quit. They don't give me enough free daily rewards, and my pulls have all been trash. The only good pulls I've had were the ones on the first day of the game, and the 2 "free" SS characters from playing the game. If you do you want to support the game, it's not bad.

Ehh. It was working fine for a few hours and now just keeps crashing in BlueSkyArena when I try to start it.
Update: 17 Oct 2022: still crashes over and over when trying to launch.

Game won't open

Deep Insanity ASYLUM


Game keeps crashing when I try to run it

Over Eclipse


After the last update, my game gets stuck at the game logo

Can't run game on emulators, please make GL version

Can't play on Bluestacks or Nox [大哭] [大哭][大哭][大哭][大哭][大哭][大哭][大哭][大哭][大哭][大哭][大哭][大哭] (Thank you Keitaro) vv

Game is okay but I've been trying to pull for another AI and after 5 pulls, I only got a couple 2 star AIs and lots of grimoires. That's terrible.

Great game, but there is no Tap Other > Data Transfer or Transfer button in the Other section in my game. I cannot transfer my game to another device.

Blue Archive | Japanese


Really fun game. Not sure why the updates are so huge, but enjoying it so far. Please make a GLOBAL version soon

The game is fun and not too hard to figure out. Only problems I have with it is having to mend outfits -- which takes away resources I need to create outfits. part of the daily missions is to create outfits, which takes away resources you need to create outfits from the banners. So it's always 1 step forward, 2 steps back. It is also annoying to win battles and still having to mend outfits.

Please make a JP or GL version!!!! Game keeps crashing on my emulators[大哭]

The game is great and much fun except the Graphics are kinda fuzzy on pc emus. Can't read the gear text at all on samsung note8. Really dislike not being able to click on the story text to make each person's speech appear quickly.

Destiny Child | Global


very fun game

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