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Progressive Christian
Jeremy John Hall 4162766

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Progressive Christian
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It's a fun game. It reminds me of a old school action RPG. I love the retro look.

wow just wow loving it. super fast combat & it's so pretty

pretty fun game. but a big differently up at the last two area zones before you get to hot as hell zone

I don't like the combat system & the game art style. the anime pic cuts are cute

omg omg omg loving it

Hungry Dragon™


fun time killer & great time

Bravely Archive


the combat is slow but the story is good

Identity V | Global


size 1gb

omg the combat sucks but the graphics looks awesome as all hell

super fun rpg

Dead Rivals - Zombie MMO


it's super fun. it's a open world mmo shooter.
1.31gb size

it's super fun a retelling of the TV series is the main quest line. 361mb file size total



super fun fighting game[哇噻]

BLEACH: Brave Souls


awesome game; i love everything about it. a must play if you love bleach

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the download stops at 47% everytime. i hope it would be fix soon
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