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I realy hope this gets a global release.
Might not understand a word of what they say but the guidlines where all i needed. It feels like darkest dungeon if it where to be a relaxing gatcha game. So far it seems to be a compleat solo game and i'm loving it.
Can't judge the storyline but everything else is awesome.😄

It is a promising gatcha RPG with a lot of unique ideas.
I love the visuals of the characters and there way of leveling them. for example, while they have fixaded active abilities, they get passives along there growth. this is where you have to make choices on how to make them fit right in to your team.

its a simple yet interesting consept that can make it more fun to play. unfortunately at least for now whatever choice you make it doesn't really feels all that differend yet. might be because I'm not far enough into the game itself.

outside of that, i do have a slight problem with there namings of the characters and it has an auto mode which makes me lose interest most of the times.

but even so i think it is worth a shot

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