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Parking Jam 3D


The game is pretty fun and it's a good time killer, however, its ads are obnoxious and it's overfilled with them, the game also seems fairly easy, there's no challenge to it.



The game's main positive is the retro art style and the charm of the characters.
However, it's so unbelievably easy and not challenging, the levels take 20 seconds and it gets repetitive pretty quickly.
I don't always complain about ads, because I know the game has to earn for itself, but the ones in this game are just ridiculous. There's an ad after every level and it's always three times longer than the level itself.

Rip 😔

It's adorable, I really love the art style [哇噻]
The game itself is a standard puzzle game, but its cuteness and domestic storyline definitely make it better than your ordinary games from this category.

Tokyo Ghoul:Dark War


It's pretty good, you'd probably like it if you liked the anime. The controls can be a bit wonky sometimes, the game got stuck multiple times. The gameplay is also a bit repetitive, but it's not bad, typical gameplay for a game like this.
Getting new characters can also be quite tedious, you need multiple puzzle pieces for some of them, but that may be a bigger issue to me than to some others, just depends which ones do you wish to collect [鬼臉]

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