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I guess.
Pep Z 41256455

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I guess.
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Eh. Its a typical idle game, but the art is pretty nice. There isnt much to the gameplay, and the translations are a tad bit questionable.



Amazing app. There are many great arts and artists on this app, many of which i discovered through this. This app has introduced me to many artists and many arts of which i did not know the source of, before. All around, amazing app, for awesome art, to the good ol nsfw art

Blue Archive | Global


Though its a very simple game, its fun. The art in this is nice and cute, and with the gameplay being simple, its quite easy to understand and learn how to play the game. The game is also quite generous with its rewards, where you have to play the game to advance and unlock more stuff.

Hero Cantare | Global


Hey, its a pretty nice game. The character art is BEAUTIFUL, but gameplay wise, theres not much. For gameplay, you can just auto through most if the story, but the game is pretty rewarding. For storyline, im not sure, since I skip most of those parts. Thr voice acting is also pretty nice.

Very nice game. Since I dont really have a computer anymore, this game has allowed me to access the touhou games thst i normally would not be able to play. Absolutely fun game, with a nice soundtrack, most being remixes of the original, but all being very good.

controls are broken. its either unresponsive or overly responsive



nice survival RPG sorta game. gotta roam around and avoid monsters while leveling ip and getting dtronger, to kill said monsters



nice game. its a pixel RPG game, and fun




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