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Blue Archive | Japanese


Don't trust anyone from the start, that is including me.

The game itself is F2P friendly, every time they do maintenance = appologems, 1200 pyrox, if there was additional maintenance hours, then you get more. And you said the gachas is bad? YES, but compared to FGO, BA is far more better. I did managed to get all limited students, except 3 (1st summer event, and N.Y Mutsuki) and all I do to get them is just doing daily, weekly raids, pvp (managed to reach top 185 in lvl78 bracket and constantly defending), clearing normal and hard stages, etc. That's enough to get you most of the limited students if you just pull on limited gachas. What's more, it's not time consuming like AK which is you need to do annihilation where you need around 12mins or more on auto battle (no skip animations) to get 300 orundum (max 1600 but you can increase the cap) alone, that's sounds painful lol if you played it on mobile compared with BA which have auto grind systems. Also, benefits for reaching max levels is you can convert all the energy for tickets to exchange them to get shards, exp reports, and t2/t3/t4 equipment blueprint. So for example you spend 20 energy on 1 stages, you also get 20 tickets. Equals 1:1 and capped 12600 each week, sounds good right?

Also, because yostar increased the level cap, that means all the stages level enemies is also increasing, including raid boss which is now lv80 on extreme.. But no worries, if you managed to reach only Hard (lv50 boss), that is already enough to get you 800 pyrox every week, if you can pass 1 level more, you secured 1200. More pyrox for your gachas.

Ending story, it's all F2P friendly. If you stumbled on any reviews that is not F2P friendly, ignore it. Believe on your own RnG.

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