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SINoALICE | Global


Graphics and Gameplay are okay maybe 7/10, Sound and storyline are 10/10 beautiful. I have been patiently waiting for this game for 1 year and quite disappointed by the bugs in the game but I know it will keep better and better so I will wait for the development cause I love the game so much(especially Alice UwU) while the game may have so many P2W whales this game is NOT a P2W so please stop corrupt others with your feeling cause you were so salty af. The rate is very very low I know but I have been playing gacha games for years now so the low rate is meh for me and like the other gacha games out there everything is based on your luck so it's not the game's fault if you have shitty luck.

One of the best gacha game i have ever played. I was a nerdy antisocial before, until i saw someone played this game and decided to give it a try and oh boy how much this game change me over the years i played it, I'm no longer a nerd and i got friends who likes to play fgo too (most of them love astolfo tho). The gameplay is easy to learn, Storyline is very good, but gacha is Depends on you luck, sometime it can made you want to cry over it but sometimes it can spook you with something much better, I just hope NA can catch up to JP faster [不滿]

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UwU Huh, didn't expect to got her for real :V Read Note
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