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Nicely crazy
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Nicely crazy
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super cute

Currently in love with the japanese version, but its a bit difficult at times to follow the stories an events! so let's try the english one...

A3! | English


I saw the first episode of the anime, then a bunch of comments saying it was a game made me look for Sakyo and slowly I started to meet and love most of this guys (u'll have a fave but some of them are so hug worthy xD )

been using Discord for 5years some updates are truly amazing, some completely usless...
all in all the best platform around!! (^-^)v

Granblue Fantasy


the amount of stories not only the main one is stratospheric and well developed! which make this game, one of the best I've ever played.

So far a few problems that in a game this good really stand out, hope it's just due to the major demand!
Because it's amazing and so fun seeing the Disney villains under a completely new light (*^*)/

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