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Blue Reflection Sun


Good game.

Path to Nowhere


Game too hard to play, i have 3 ssr character lv 20 but cannot pass chapter 1.
Sorry i will drop the game.

Dolphin Wave


I'm out

Memento Mori



Finished the game.
saw all the three endings. It was good to play, only the part where i have to guess the number for lock is quite confusing. glad to finish the story .

Touhou Arcadia Record


This is just for you who want to enjoy arcade game.
If you want to compare it then compare it with another arcade game. So far this is the best, I would recommend it.
Others, graphics and music is good. Gameplay is not that hard, pretty challenging.

Not bad not good mediocre

Hate it, before launching it has so many problem. Now server is on maintenance until unlimited time.
Guess i have to drop the game.

Kamigoroshi no Aria


Rate crappy for reason

Lag and heavy battle, sometimes there's a glitch and bug. Force close on app, even DMM version is worse than this (that's why it got bottom rank on DMM appstore also initial release in google playstore)

The R18 scene just meh*, the game is poorly optimized.
Playing game should be fun but this only make a headache
It's up to you if you wanna play it.

Boring, nothing else. game made with less effort.
only lure you with some cg (which is not really that good)
there are many better games out there

Cyber Honey



Miko Note


Seems good, wanna play it.

kind of disappointed that it must use vpn non stop

The rating will surely going down from now on

Heaven Burns Red


Okay let me review shortly
The value on this game is the dialogue since the publisher are japanese visual novel maker "key"
So if you don't understand japanese you may not enjoy it too much.

You can complete this game in a couple of hours, no need to grind many SS character, I've already completed the the game with only 3 SS character with average level 30.

Overall I enjoy the game and music, but after few days you got nothing to do except collecting waifus.

This game won't give u addiction, i suggest you to try it

Contract girl


Another idle game, P2W if you certain stage, you need to pay gem to unlock it or you wait for exp to be collected. There is so much microtransaction here.



Graphic nothing special.
No bonus for first user
Gameplay so-so.

I rate it low because there is much comparison that is better out there
If it was 2 years ago I would rate 5

I don't usually write a review but let me give you honest opinion.
When you see writing "Grand open" you usually hope there is some bonus to do gacha roll. You can't expect that in this game. It's a boring no bonus start.
Also the game play is a bit outdated for today's game.

Not to mention this game has been shutted down before, i expect this will last less than one year

Okay, first this is gacha game but a pretty bad one at it. Gacha that provides shard with low chance to get hero. also there is no pvp element.
You need to spend much money to collect shard.
This game was released about 2 years ago and they didn't improve it at all.
At that time the rating was really poor
The game was named X2 back then

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