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Past time
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Past time
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I love the game already! [開心] It hasnt been a month since i download it and i am already enjoying it very much. At first i was only interested of the songs and since miku nnd everyone was here but the storylines got me hooked too! Im still learning how to play rhyme games and practicing tho [可憐] lol. Looking forward to playing prosekai in the future as well! Although i don't know if my phone can still handle it with other games [難過]

Mystic Messenger | Korean


MM was the game that made me into otome games, i really love the visuals, the plot/story is really great. One of the best plot ive seen on otome games ever. The countless days of sleepless nights are really worth it just for me to see in the end that my choosen route ml was happy and slowly healing from his and her trauma or painful past. I am so emotionally attached with them that i am feeling like they are a real person.

Really a great game! It fooled me lmao, i thought the game is all about cute dating sim, poor me didnt know she would get emotionally wrecked xDD

Its hard choosing a favorite, especially when they really love you with their all, knowing that seven remember every route ive been into made it even harder. I love them all so much, i wish that maybe in the future Cheritz would consider a route where the mc can help them all with their problems... I know its too good to be true....

Another thing i love about this game is that it lets you farm Hourglass! As a f2p i was really happy to discover that you can farm hourglass and heart's! Sure its tiring but its really worth it in the end. Zen is the best character you can farm hourglass to xDD The tittle he got from the fandom 'Zen the hourglass daddy' is so true xDD You want to farm hourglass? Just flirt with Zen in Christmas DLC over n over again and boom you got what you wish. (。•̀ᴗ-)✧



First off! *bOinK!* You go to horny jail! xDD[怪笑]

Its a fun game [怪笑] I love the visuals of the target mls, so far its entertaining, still new on this game and i might change my review after playing more in the future (if i remember xd)

Been playing for months now, and im really addicted to it! Its really fun except for the rolling coster of emotion because of the plot and the pain of the many attempts ive done to get my waifus.[難過] Overall really great![開心]

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