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Llicaelmer. | Rhythm game and gacha are my ninja road | MORFONICAL• Feel free to ask my game ID.
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Llicaelmer. | Rhythm game and gacha are my ninja road | MORFONICAL• Feel free to ask my game ID.
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HoneyWorks Premium Live


Wow. Hanipure, finally I download this game.

This game a bit different from other rhythm game. But still, I like this. Especially bcuz I like Haniwa project, anime, and songs. The notes are cute, and the graphics was nice. They have friendly gacha rate too. I like that.

This game have system like card and frame like at turn-based game, but a bit different. So you have to collect the story frame tp unlock more song. That's exciting, tbh.

Ah, yes. This game also have light size. Not that light, but it's around 1 GB. With that graphics, it's just, woww.

Genshin Impact


This game super wasteful of memory and battery life, but that's worth for their incredible graphic and gameplay. Their sound and graphic really good, yall know miHoYo never disappoint us. The background music is relaxing and make me enjoy the game. Characters voice and storyline also greaaat. I can't say anything else. This game impressed me that much.

Perfect, except the gacha. 5-starred characters really hard to drop. Even though they guaranteed to drop in 90-play. :"

I download this because I like rhythm game. I dunno much about JYPE, but sometimes I listen song from Twice, Stray Kids, GOT7, and ITZY.

There're 3 option notes; large, medium, and small. It's not too hard to catch and the notes are light. Yes, this game actually an easy game. I like the effect when catching the notes. Nice graphic. Nd also, NIICEE GACHA RATE :D

There's not too difficult to earn diamonds and Rhythm Point, just play the game and purchase cards. I like this game. Smh I think I'll be Twice or GOT7 stan later lol.

There are also a way to upgrade a card. You can upgrade C-ranked card to R-ranked, but I honestly won't do that, cuz it's cost a lot Rhythm Points. I recommend you to upgrade A-ranked card with theme, it will increase the power and make it overpowered—um, I mean better.

Last, I wish the developer could add speed settings w/ numberic rate (ex: 1-11). It will be great if they add that.

Yap, after all, this is a great game. Good job. I rarely find bug or errors, really great game.

(P. s. another reason I download this game is because Shopee's ads using Stray Kids song, it ringing in my mind. [為什麼])

I like thiisss. Especially bcs Aiai, Kudoharu-san, and Ayasa-san voicing here too. The graphics is nice, also the gameplay.

It's a turn-based game. Build your stage girls (up ur stage girls' lvl, skill, and rank) to become stronger. Upgrade ur memoirs, cuz even if your team full of SSR and SR cards, but you don't upgrade ur memoir set, u can defeaten. Especially in Star Performance, you should do it. I've perform D-Rank Star Performance, and met a friend w/ strong cards. His team has 5 SSR cards, and rest are SR cards. All of them are max lvl cards, but the memoirs still lvl 1. I banned two of his SSR. I thought I would be defeated, but unexpectedly, I won w/ 4 stage girls standing. My cards aren't max lvl, but I upgraded my memoirs, so I can win the game.

The gacha rate not too bad. You have guaranteed SSR card and SSR memoir at some step. If there is a new gacha banner, the free gacha (watch ad to draw gacha) will be updated. The free gacha get error sometimes, but yah, it's free, so I don't complain. Sometimes hard to get stargems, but it's become easier during event. Log in everyday to claim daily achievement and log in emblem. Um, yah, that's all my opinion, thanks.

(I wish Lalafin event cards come back later. Who's ur best gurl?)



I like this. Cute animals and—the GACHA! Useful but sometimes waste more battery power.

HQ CHARAS BECAME SO CUTE HERE! Imma enjoy the game, cuz this is a simple and good game. Even if you don't understand Japanese, there is a guide to play it. Yea, simple and casual. Ez to play, but sometimes there's an error. Unfortunately, some feature cannot be used.

Previously I played and it hit about 2000 meters, but this game suddenly crashes and its kinda laggy. Although my phone storage's still relieved, it happens sometimes.

Not too bad, but up to ya to play this game or not. I'm still playing this game cuz they've cute characters and playable offline.

Catarina Farm


When else will we have the opportunity to enslave Bakarina? Lol jk. I like the graphics, and the sound so relaxing. This is a simple-casual game, so don't be stressed when playing this game. Only tap-tap and available offline. I recommend you to play this offline, so no ads here.

Since the developer are same, the system, layout, and graphic very similar to Jimi-kare: My Quiet Boyfriend. The hallmark of SEEC, indeed. I like the storyline. Sometimes unpredictable but I enjoy it. The trio "Haru" were interesting. Other hallmark of SEEC, this game doesn't take much memory, simple and casual, also playable offline (tbh I recommend u to play this offline so no ads there).

Last, this is a great game! SEEC always do their best. Great job!

Um, for thumbs user like me, I'll say this. I don't recommend you play this game with thumbs okay. In my opinion, it's too difficult to catch the notes when u use thumbs. But, you'll be able to do it if u practicing a looooot. Or if you have played Nananiju, Bandori, and Prosekai, that's better to adapt with this game cuz the notes a bit similar. Yea, that's only my opinion as thumbs user.

Nd, yah, I like the graphics. It's nice. The songs too, it's makes sense uwu. Imma bit confused but this is a good game. Last, Kurumi and Miyu are cutee. Who's ur best gurl? :D

(P. s. forgive me if my English so bad, too long quarantine, Imma bit forgot about language ueueue.)

I LOOOVEEEE THIISSSS. The graphics, sound, and story. Just like, wow! Play this game just like watching an anime. A bit difficult to control but the rest is good. Last, same as other players, I'm waiting for the English version of this game. Anw, great job, Developer!

Among Us


Lying simulator? Slander games? Lmao but that's the fact.

It's similar like werewolf game, but you have another way to achieve victory. You can finish the tasks, or discuss and vote who's the imposter.

Here there are three types of maps, the host can choose one of them before starting the game. The host can also choose how many imposters are in the game and the number of players. Interesting.

I recommend playing with friends and connecting with them via Discord. So y'all can slander, oups, I mean live discussion.

It's a little difficult to catch the notes, and there's just 3 playable song. Tbh I love the graphics and live, they're so cute uwu. Not too similar to other rhythmic games like BanG Dream but this is pretty good.

Doesn't take up much memory, I like this. The storyline and gameplay are also great. Simple and casual. The development of Nao's character is also interesting. Great job!
Anw, this game can be played offline!


Adorable Home


Simple and casual game. I like it. They have very cute cats.

Nice charas, great gameplay. I think this rhythmic game is easier than others. The system isn't confusing and their gacha rate isn't that bad.

Anw, I'm Fling Posse stan. Bogentarou, love you.

Uso dakedo~ /no.

Cute charaaa— Nice game, anw. The songs in it are good, although not as complete as the Jp version. I just wonder why this version takes up more memory than the Japanese version. But still, this is a great game.

(Wish my gacha drop *4 later)

Full of cuties! Nice graphics and story, although the movements are a little stiff. I hope they can make a game like this in a shota version, that would be great! Pretty good game, I'm sure there will be a lot of development going forward, good job!

Anw, Chiwa so cutee hsjshsjsh.

Dragon Raja | Global


Amazing graphics! Just feel like watching movies. Great shoryline and characters. The quest navigation system is quite practical, but not the case for manuals. When using manual mode, the cursor feels heavy and the character movements feel stiffer. In my opinion, the map is also not readable clearly, it would be nice if they add a place description.

Pst, the gacha was nice~

Toram Online


Uhm, best MMORPG I've played. If you wanna play this, I recommend you to read some information about skills, weapons, etc on Coryn site bcs this game so complex—in my opinion.

You can sell in-game item, add friends, and chatting like another MMORPG game, but Toram doesn't have an autoplay, that's the reason why I like it.

I rlly like this game, although some bugs—like error domination—are annoying, the Asobimo team is quick to fix them. Great job!

Last, gacha was so ughh, but still, I like this game.

(Pst, this is a MMORPG game, but doesn't take up much of memory.)

Evel was so cutee—

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