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Lord of Heroes


very slow character progression game is basically a grind.... you have contracts for a new character where you need to log in 30 days in a row to unlock... you miss one day you start again... very very very poor choice from devs good luck having longevity in this game once you go global.... such a shame as it could be a nice game lacks content and the gear RNG makes Epic Seven W13 grind look good....

Dungeon Fantasy


really unique gameplay cant wait for english release!! we need this game!!! untill then i will keep playing this version

Pokémon Café ReMix


blank language selection so good luck picking the right one...... touch screen calibration is off the further right you touch on your screen the further out it is to the point the skills bar on the side i cannot touch and i cannot close some menus once open.... never had this before. very poor launch.

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