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OH~! My Office


It is pretty hard to avoid punishing your employee wrongly in the beginning so I had a hard time dealing with angry employees lol. But I quite like the feeling of being a boss and patrol around the office to catch those who slack off during work[開心]The characters look cute too, which is what encourages me to continuously play it[厲害]

This is just another boring game that encourages you to do micro-transaction in order to get good characters/ weapons as you can see that the weapons and characters are mixed together in the gatcha pool. The story isn't interesting either, and the big skill tree isn't actually that deep/sophisticated too. Not worth playing I would say.

Sea of Animals Online


Generally speaking, this game is like a 'dot-eating-game' where players would absorb nutrients-like substances in order to make them larger and kill other players by eating them. That said, the control of this game could be better as it is quite hard for players to control the direction of their animals. In addition, players cannot control the speed of their animals, which is quite frustrating as it is common for one to pump into a bigger opponent and lost the game. Yet it is still a good game for people who like to play a leisure but competitive game during their recess to relax themselves. The skins are quite funny too and I enjoy using the pig skin a lot. Would recommend this game for children.

Standard puzzle game, the game interface is a bit too monotonous for me though. I would recommend this game to conan fans, otherwise any other puzzle game will do.

Finally a game that has some balance in terms of the gender of the characters. There are so many games nowadays that only has female characters. I am glad that this game successfully striked the balance.

This game really focuses a lot on the strategic battle system in my opinion. There is a wide range of jobs for you to choose from. The characters can also be arranged a tons of different roles on the battle field, depending what type of soldiers they are. It also resembles the original Langrisser series very much in terms of the characters' drawing (the girls are awesome :) XD). I personally really like the system which the goddess will ask you several question to determine what type of hero you are. This really let you immerse deeply in the world of the game. Definitely a game worth trying.



First of all, there is no voice for the characters, so you will just be reading the lines in Japanese to learn about the story. Secondly, the characters don't have a lot of emotion. As a result, no matter they are happy or sad in the story or not, their drawings always remained the same. The gameplay is just you poking at panties on screen to get points. For some reason, it is kinda relieving when you do so, so it gets a pass on that. Considering that it is just a game for fun/meme, you can try this game out if you are seriously bored. Otherwise, I wouldn't recommend you to download this game.

Fever Basket (KR)


I think the game could work on its gameplay a bit more. The animation is a bit laggy, and it seems like it needs a lot of grinding before one can fully acquire the skills. Nevertheless, it is a good game for one to play with their friends. It is always fun to collab with one another and climb up the ranks together. If you like playing basketball and competitive game, you can try this out.

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