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this game feels unfinished, the controls are so janky and hard to use on any mobile device due to the fire and movement joysticks moving to "adjust" when your fingers are out of the small circle.
they don't reset and that makes you have to drag the joysticks back every time you move it too far

My Tale


an eye candy type auto questing game, nothing special but it can entertain you for a bit

Isle of Genesis - Avalon


it's very similar to alor of other chinesesl style idle games

what I'm a even doing here...

World Flipper | Japanese


i can't even open the app, it's just a black screen

Yokai Tamer | English


Ive played this game for a month now and all o can say is that youre in for alot of waiting and clicking buttons.
The game emphasizes on botting and you really have to bot. ot have become a game that you play only to keep your hands occupied

10 Project | Japanese


[可憐] I was enjoying the game so far until i closed the game, went to sleep and tried opening it again the next day. and it just jept on saying disconnected from Internet, idk why but i treid another wifi and also my data and both didnt work.
Even uninstalling and reinstalling it doesnt make a difference.

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