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I am very much obsessed with CLAMP
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I am very much obsessed with CLAMP
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Animal Jump


This game is nice, you can play as a chicken whichis one of the greatest animals on the planet.

Fairy Sphere | Japanese


This game is super fun and cute. Essentially, you can create and decorate spheres which are home to fairies you can obtain from the gacha or for free from quests and events. The main gameplay is the story where you have to match up and decorate spheres with good enough furniture to get points which is cool. You can also take care of your fairies and level them up which is cool! The graphics are really pretty and the designs are really good. It does get boring but its pretty fun for what is is.

Bubble Patissier


Endless mode is fun

Clamp made fanart for this game therefore i like it

Livly Island


I enjoy this game a lot! It's fairly easier to get the primary currencies unlike other cocone games. Additionally, this game has a very cute storyline and plot. Although it isn't mentioned often, it's something cute and fun that hangs on the side. Also, I think its cool having so much to customize. I just believe that there could be more detailed island customization. Overall, a cute game!

Kurumi Diary


This game is super cute! [開心] I love the story and it has a semi idle gameplay experience which is eh. I dont mind tho! Also, the game can be downloaded from the playstore for bad devices too and I assume there is some kind of system that force closes the app when its pirated so make sure to actually get it! [微笑]

Touhou Cirno Tank


This game is c o o l! But with jokes aside, I enjoy the gameplay a lot. I wish there was some kind of infinite mode and possibly a full english translation, but you can get around everything fine using visual context. Also, we need to be able to customize Cirno's tank, thats what I think! We really need the actual Touhou ost tho, the current soundtrack is eh.

OH~! My Office


a fun and customizable offline arcade game is obviously gonna rock [開心]

One Punch


pretty OK. im literally only good at jabjab mode tho lol

MyPlanet | English


i love this game! there is a lot to do and the soundtrack rocks! i like making clothing because its better than buying them. its super easy to get money in game too and there is a variety of content

Hello Kitty World 2


its a decent game, lacks the translation and gameplay and isnt as good as the original tbh

The Battle Cats | English


Aight, so this game is a hike! Gameplay is pretty cool, normal tower defense. I like the events and collabs, they reference anime a lot! Also, really disappointed I started playing one week after the ranma event [憋屈]

Anyways, graphics are silly and swag [開心]
Gameplay is a little repetitive [難過]
Thats kinda it.
Swagalicious game [賣萌]



dude, i like jojo itself but this brings it to the next level :D i also like cute this so ig its a win win, this game is dope and i would recommend 👌

before the game shuts down just wanna say it was fun while it lasted :'(

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