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I am very much obsessed with CLAMP
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I am very much obsessed with CLAMP
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Livly Island


I enjoy this game a lot! It's fairly easier to get the primary currencies unlike other cocone games. Additionally, this game has a very cute storyline and plot. Although it isn't mentioned often, it's something cute and fun that hangs on the side. Also, I think its cool having so much to customize. I just believe that there could be more detailed island customization. Overall, a cute game!

Kurumi Diary


This game is super cute! [開心] I love the story and it has a semi idle gameplay experience which is eh. I dont mind tho! Also, the game can be downloaded from the playstore for bad devices too and I assume there is some kind of system that force closes the app when its pirated so make sure to actually get it! [微笑]

Touhou Cirno Tank


This game is c o o l! But with jokes aside, I enjoy the gameplay a lot. I wish there was some kind of infinite mode and possibly a full english translation, but you can get around everything fine using visual context. Also, we need to be able to customize Cirno's tank, thats what I think! We really need the actual Touhou ost tho, the current soundtrack is eh.

OH~! My Office


a fun and customizable offline arcade game is obviously gonna rock [開心]

One Punch


pretty OK. im literally only good at jabjab mode tho lol

MyPlanet | English


i love this game! there is a lot to do and the soundtrack rocks! i like making clothing because its better than buying them. its super easy to get money in game too and there is a variety of content

Hello Kitty World 2


its a decent game, lacks the translation and gameplay and isnt as good as the original tbh

The Battle Cats | English


Aight, so this game is a hike! Gameplay is pretty cool, normal tower defense. I like the events and collabs, they reference anime a lot! Also, really disappointed I started playing one week after the ranma event [憋屈]

Anyways, graphics are silly and swag [開心]
Gameplay is a little repetitive [難過]
Thats kinda it.
Swagalicious game [賣萌]



dude, i like jojo itself but this brings it to the next level :D i also like cute this so ig its a win win, this game is dope and i would recommend 👌

before the game shuts down just wanna say it was fun while it lasted :'(

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Crashes This game crashes a lot and I can't get in game. I put the quality to the lowest and still nothing.. How do I stop this from crashing?! Read Note
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