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Pokémon GO/ Pokemon GO


I don't like the change in incense. Not everyone can always go around walking for hours just in case they can find a specific pokemon. Incense was very useful to me. This change is very unpleasant.

The pokemons are cute. Battles can be repeatitive after sometime. The game is fun if you play casually.

A fun game. The cards/illustrations are very beautiful! It's fun trying to collect them all! It's also fun and cute visiting the base and watching the chibies interact with each other!

The only thing that I don't like much is that once again it's a gacha game meaning that I may never collect some characters and illustrations no matter how hard I try! I often find this aspect in games very annoying. I think that effort should be rewarded and counting on pure luck (even more my luck) doesn't cut it for me. If it didn't have this aspect it would be a 5/5 game for me.

Mandrake Boys


I enjoy this game a lot! The art is beautiful and the stories are very interesting! I play this game for a long time and I'll keep on playing it. I enjoy unlocking new beautiful illustrations very much! I gave sound 3 cause not all stories have voice acting. It would be nice if they did.

It's not a full 5 for me cause I don't think it's possible for me to finish this game in this lifetime!! XD A big downside is that the fact that there isn't a real way to get ingame currency other than using real money and buying it or maybe get some by tapjoy. This a big disadvantage for me and a reason why I don't believe I'll ever use real money on this game. I like and respect when I can do things as f2p player and decide when and if I'll pay as a way to support the game and game developers. I think a way to get ingame currency should be added. But that's my personal preference.

All in all a very enjoyable game even if will be never-ending!

This game is very cute! It's fun following recipes and delivering customers' orders. I also enjoy the stories! They can be fun! A fun chill game.

I like this game a lot! The art and voice acting are beautiful! It's fun getting all the characters and unlocking their lines and looks! I also enjoy that I can play it easily on my phone wherever I am. The aspect of the game that isn't fun at all is smithing campaigns dropping rates. They are horrible. The player can try forever and never get the sword they're looking for! Other than that I enjoy the game.

Fun game with beautiful art and great voice acting! I enjoy collecting characters and unlocking all of their lines and looks. The only thing that I really really dislike are smithing campaigns. Dropping rates are abysmal! Smithing campaigns almost made me drop the game. But other than that, I like and enjoy the other aspects of the game.

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