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Blue Archive | Japanese


It's what GFL should have been gameplay wise, still loving the PTSD it gives me [開心]

Back to BA, being published by Yostar 1 could expect certain degree of generosity when it comes to collecting your waifus. It's very F2P, never felt the need to rush or spend (though I did bought the ¥120 pack but that's about it). Soundtrack, c'est parfait. Story line, the polar opposite of GFL so that helps to balance it up.

However, not a fan of PriConne gacha system. Would have loved to be the same system in AL. [no]

Reroll, just unlink the email & u're done. Unless u want to keep multiple accounts than yea, methods shared by others.

It would awesome if they used actual gun sound. Kalina, you owe me some gems & discounts. 😆

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