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I test games and give honest review. I also do art...i guess? Hentai? Yes sir, but i prefer not, my parents live in my house you see
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I test games and give honest review. I also do art...i guess? Hentai? Yes sir, but i prefer not, my parents live in my house you see
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Combat is sort of sluggish, theres delay for melee and evasion feels weak and unsatisfy, gun feels rlly weak, atleast its not dungeon gun game clones

Lunar Rescue Mission


Actually better than expected, but it should get pretty boring overtime since theres like 3 functions/buttons that you can do in the beginning, tho definietly shout out to the dev so they can make better games in the future

Guardian Tales | Global


Wow, its been awhile for me to get a decent game, infact the game is great

CANON - Draw Escapades -


Decent game, until it stop working

Dead Effect 2


For a mobile game, its top tier, however the game is quite old, and the scaling is rlly cruel, enemies will have the same level as your, in experienced player had no damn way to repel this, and enemies judt gonna get harder while gears doesnt rlly do much, implants are rlly useless and higher tier armors are rlly hard to find, this whole ame is rlly grindy too, if you dont get good items before your eapons cant do any damage to the enemi3s and your armor become paper, ur screwed. I have no complain about graphics since its a unreal engine game, but combat feels rlly sluggish and reload takes forever, there are only 6 types of enemies through out the whole game with a few boss enemies, i dont think the dev would make any update soon, but thats it

Crazy Office


Unity assets mess

Beetle und PANZER


Dont mind the stars, the game is ironically funny haha beetle go bzzzz is actually a decent bullet hell game, just messy, feel like an indie game, you have quite a few beetles to choose from, and a few guns, idk what so panzer about this, there is no tank btw title is clickbait, seems like the dev(s) took inspiration from Girls und panzer

Bubbles & Dolls


This game is just boring, atleast until you get a few interesting characters, there seems to be 2 maps in the game, and thatsall, most of the time you just gonna fight with bots and its so repetitive, however the "REAL" version give you some purpose to play the game

Why is there five stars on this crap? This is utterly trash, its not a game, its a damn guide, and its not even a guide, its a crappy apps full of ads and useless informations, idk why it got uploaded here, pls remove it from the store this stuff is a stain



Outside of decent graphic, game had no story(yet), not alot of accomplishments you can get from this game, grindy is boring, upgrades are super optional, and most of the time doesnt elly worth because it resets every end game, except for cars, which is expensive, you better just stock it up for buying new vehicles

Weapon and vehicles can be bought "RANDOMLY", the first 2 options is cheap but trash tier, the other 2 force you to be super grindy, and you cant even pick your weapon, it radomize whatyou have already unlocked

Gameplay are boring, you just sit there, watch things goes on, its an idle game tbh, bosses are straight forward, sit there and watch your vehicle blow the damn thing up, you had this shield thing but it ran out so fast and doesnt recharge, so its basically useless, especially when bosses usually took around 15s to kill and your shield run out in 5s holding the button

There are a few songs, which you cna buy more in shop, but it doesnt sound any better, feel like a loop

Your typical tower defense game, with merging instead of upgrade=less diversity, sound design are blain, boring gameplay, boring map design. The game is a boring mess

B100X - Auto Dungeon RPG


Crappy 90' game design, basically idle game, but you need internet for somereason. There is almost no game play

Ronin: The Last Samurai


Ah yes download Ghost of Tsushima mobile free NO VIRUS[驚訝][驚訝][驚訝][驚訝][怪笑][怪笑][怪笑]🍆
Good game

Attack Together


Nope, feel like an indie game, the game lqck any personality, and feel like a failed replica of any rogue game out there

Epic Conquest 2


I see potential, really fine game, decent graphic for cartoonish style, right now there arent alot of class/combat/weapon choice, but with further updates it would likely become more of a good game, oh and its OFFLINE, support the developers (like 2 peoples)



Good game, play it, you will see

Arknights | English


A really well balanced game, higher stars operator doesnt mean they are better, some low tier characters are decent and can be use as a starter unit, beautiful character portraits, good sound design, the character sprites are okay i guess, Tower defense game real nice
Problem is, some level is extremely easy and straight forward, some other just spawn a bunch of high level enemy at the same time, and basically you need to do a bunch of level grinding, which is very generous with the auto battle once you complete a level in 3 stars, what isnt is the rarity of upgrade material.
Too much dialog, and unnecessary ones, tho im okay with reading the main story, completely ignore the event and sub chapters

One of the few game that i actually keep my eyes on, i like it, dont know why, its satisfy to win a level the first time, and you know it

Touhou Tihuuin


Out side of the beautifully made UI, the character model feel like a ps2 game, the combat is sluggish, turn based rpg obviously japanese love those games, i guess because its easy to made, voice acting really does not fit the character most of the times, the reason i give this game 1 extra stars on graphic because it had decent character portraits, other than that i literally quit from the first 5m gameplay, oh btw the auto battle is horrendous, it doesnt work, the AI keep healing even tho your health barely depletes under 90%

Touhou Dungeon Dive


Why do you need internet to play this game?

There is only 1 boss music rn and its "Bad Apple" , which does not fit with any boss.

The model looks boring, i thought it was touhou CB's but its not, its just a texture slap into a 3d model, the eye and mouth doesnt interect, and combat feel slow

Could become a decent game infuture if they add more musics, change the boss music, redesign characters and cosmetics. And make it completely offline, there is no reason that you need internet to play this game, evenhen you do log into the game and start playing, turning internet off wouldnt even affect the ingame, so i dont see anypoint at all to had an internet barrier

Graphic is awesome, characters look like they had some characteristic to it rather than 3d models, the thing is, i cant even play the game, the fps is awfully bad, and looking at thw comment sections it seems that the problem had been presence for awhile, and the control is also bad, it feel like this game was made for pc, with a bunch of unoptimized port and stuffs, and one more thing, game is in portrait mode so thats another sin

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