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Women are like 5 stars in FGO, I gotta pay to get them ಥ‿ಥ
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Women are like 5 stars in FGO, I gotta pay to get them ಥ‿ಥ
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Figure Fantasy | English


I really wanted to try to love this game, but maybe its just not possible to at this time...
The figurines them self are fine, but during the battles they seem kind if stiff and lifeless (kind of ironic), and the special animations are just horrible. The animation itself is just bland and jarring. Not to mention the fact that the animation looks very compressed. Also, during cutscenes the characters will just run in place, and at the end of battles the MVP's model turns purple, like a placeholder.
For some reason they market the game ad an idle game but I dont think thats really the case. The only "idleness" that is present is through material collecting while your not playing, not making progress. The combat is nothing I haven't seen; place your units, and watch the madness unfold

5/5 (this replaces music because i have no opinion on it.)
I love the idea of the figurine collecting. Its basically taking something that we do anyways in other gacha games. It also opens alot of possibilities for colabs, if anyone does feel like it.

Toys story but anime figures...

I usually don't spend money on gacha games because I dont want to lose my entire life savings to a jpg, but they are having this deal where you can get a free character and gems if you buy anything. So I bought a 1 dollar v.i.p, so now I'm getting free gems and have a pretty good character
They should have made the currency for gacha Yen because that would make much more sense

Touhou LostWord | Global


Dont get me wrong, I love touhou project. To the music is good the characters and their interactions are unique and clever. But in this game... not so much. One thing I'll say right of the bat is that the character designs are good and aren't just ripped straight out of touhou 15.5. But the I hate the way the characters look in-game. They look lifeless and stiff, and thanks to that their special attacks are pretty bad to watch. Speaking of battles, I find it prettt annoying during battles when you move on after defeating the enemies the background doesn't move at all, just the characters.

Aside from battles... I think the gacha is alright at best. The rates for characters are kind of low, but it doesnt feel like they are stealing your money. The game can also be very grindy, like alot. The way the leveling works is this game is, you complete stages, get xp. No xp potions. Or, you could get materials to raise stats manually or other things. Meaning leveling up your characters boils down to grinding high level stages and wating in the dojo.

The story is meh... I feel like playing as a girl is clever because except for that one guy, everyone is a girl, though not making it a guy made them lose a lot of potential if you know what I mean. One thing they could have added was live2d to the story, but I wont hold that against them. And this game also has the "pointless choices" which ruin the flow of the game

Over all, this is a game for diehard touhou fans who love touhou regardless. But in my opinion, this game isn't really the best game for people who want to get into touhou.

Revived Witch | English


This game is definitely a certified hood classic and expected nothing less from Yostar and especially SNK.

I'm a sucker for games that can use pixel graphics and manage to make the game still look beautiful. This game also gives me a lot of octopath traveller vibes with its combat and style. Especially with the lighting.

I love how they switch up the battle theme with each chapter to match the tone of the environment. For example, the first chapter's battle theme in the tower was a bit more sinister while the one in the second chapter is a bit more mystical to match the magical forest theme.

The game has a Epic Seven and Guardian Tales type gameplay. You walk around different stages from a top down perspective with a sprinkle of side scrolling segments. The combat is nothing we haven't seen before. The combat is the typical auto battle with skills that must be manually activated.

I'm only have way through the second chapter so I haven't formed much of an opinion yet, though it's pretty good so far.

At the start of the game you get a reroll 10 times roll which is pretty good. BUT! The rates are a bit... low. Though the reason for this isnt because they want your money. the rates for SSRs and SRs are pretty good. But the UR rate is pretty low. but the reason for that is because there are only 8 UR units. So in the future when they add more units to the game the rates might get better... or worse.

As of now I am using a OnePlus 7pro so my phone is all screen (without a punch out or bezzel camera) So the image on the loading screen booting up the game looks a bit W I D E.

I suggest you play the game on 60fps because the 30fps isn't the best, obviously.

Some transition after battles that go straight into cutscenes or flashbacks are pretty jarring.

If you dont wait for voice dialoue to finish, then the next line of dialogue will not be voiced.

This game is perfect for gacha addicts who love a quality gacha game like Genshin, Blue Archive, Slime memories, and Epic 7. And F2P players who are tired of FGO and Genshin.

Blue Archive | Global


this game is low key kind if fire. some great things it does off the bat is presentation. The loading screen music is pretty nice and i love the art style a lot. this game also does something that I've never seen before, and that's characters saying your in game name in voice lines... or more like 1 character, Arona. I guess they doing it by using some sort of vocaloid like software. I dont know but its cool regardless. I also like the chibi art style of the characters, just wish the special animations would be a bit longer, and frequent. In my opinion there is nothing blatantly wrong with the game. though some nitpicks are the loading screen comics could use variety, and they have these little things on the side that look like some cropped the picture though it could just be me. the gacha is pretty alright, though expect to get a 10 pull and only get 1 2 star. One last nitpick! This is just a pet peeve of mine though, i really dont like it when they show you the characters you havent unlocked, especially when there arent a lot of them. I get it. This can be because of story reasons or the amount of work it takes to make one, though im just hoping they plan on adding on to the game....

Touhou Danmaku Kagura


This game is pretty underrated and i dont see enough people talking about it. I really love the boss fight mechanic in the songs and adds more depth to game play. My only complaint is that the normal character designs look like the original designs of the touhou characters from the pc games, but revamped. Which I dont really like. And the game does to tend to studder alot when there is alot of stuff happening at once. but other than that 10/10

ps. I was going to say the amount of songs in the game is a bit disappointing, but it just came out so Im gonna give it few more months before I make that edit!

It feels good to play my favorite visual novel without buggy emulation. My only complaint is that the game runs slow as balls on my old phone, which was a Samsung A20s becusse im just broke like that. But then I coughed up some money for a oneplus 7pro, then the game now runs like butter. Which is embarassing for because its a psp game. speaking of psp, WHEN IS FATE/ EXTRA RECORD COMING OUT!

Magatsu Wahrheit | Global


I have been craving a mmo for a while now, an I am too broke to pay monthly for WOW or FF14. But mobile mmos can be... not try he highest quality. So when I saw this game in my brain i was like "ah sh!t, here we go again." But is still pre registered for it anyways. And I will say, I am pleasently suprised. It hss fully animated cut scenes that look like trials of cold steel kind of, and has the Alchemist Code combat. All in all it is a nice game. (also perci is best girl)

Epic Seven | Global


At first I hated this game because of it SH!T gacha system, but then I realized that the game wants you to focus on characters you already have. Once I got past that I realized how fun the game really is. Though I would like it if they made the gacha much easier to get.

Battle Prime


this game is just COD mobile, but more realistic

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