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Die strong!
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Die strong!
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Chrono Trigger is the greatest game to exist overall but The Alchemist Code has the greatest gameplay and is overall my 2nd favorite game ever due to it having peak gameplay and being incredible in nearly every other way as well. Use tap2translate for new skills and character names if you want to be able to use them properly and know who they are (no one is going to learn japanese lmfao)

Valiant Force 2 | Global


Best new mobile gmae on the market. This game has the most amazing gacha ever, I've pulled 10 times so far and have gotten new units each pull and out of those 10 pulls 9 of them had SR units and most had multiple. The gameplay is actually incredibly fun and unique as well as requiring you to use your brain to get the most out of your actions and the animations and art are both beautiful. There are almost no characters that I've seen who I just hated who thought were meh so even when pulling new R units or dupes I still get excited because I am happy to use them. The game is very generous and makes getting resources very easy and that includes the ingame currency needed to pull the gacha so I have no complaInts there. Story is solid but there it does feel a bit fast paced, still enjoyable though and I'm still reading it which is more than I can say for just about every other mobile game out there. The voices are very good as well and the engrish is just as hype/funny as it is in any good anime so I'm loving it. I pray that this game has a long and wonderful run before it's inevitable demise.

Epic Seven | Global


This game has absolutely incredible graphics and is very f2p friendly, though it is a bit grindy. Waifus[色色], edgelords[開心], english[委屈], japanese, auto walk without auto is nice too and I love the weaker and older units getting updates and becoming strong/sexier [哇噻].girls are top tier and there are badass looking dudes as well so as far as characters go they're stacked. the rates are very good and its incredibly easy to gather the 50 marks u need to summon so getting what you want isn't stressful [耍帥]. Gear is very important though and farming it/maximizing it all takes time [鬼臉]. really good voices and combat like I've already said, and it is much more complex than what it might appear to be at first. There is a lot of story to go through and that'll give you lots of rewards as well as just a good time since the story is enjoyable and I read it all even though I normally skip mobile games story because they're trash[發火]...but not this one [微笑]

It has hot and cute ladies, great ucking art, good voices and sfx, good 3d models that are chibi while not being chibi, lots of content, and ofc, it's gameplay is AMAZING for a mobile game. Much more complex than it might first appear to be and it is fun to play/ this isn't just an ugly game where u auto and don't actually play ever. I'm always happy to find genuinely good games to add to my regulars [微笑]

Epic Conquest 2



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