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BBQ Sort Puzzle


Sounds familiar? Idk about you, but there's some ads like that in every game that I play, usually it's those 2048 or idk the name kind of games. There are some rare cases where it's a sorting game, like this one.

The only thing that made me download this were the graphics.
It's better to download this game than one of those from the "match the cup color", or "organize these balls in order" apps. At least this game is cute, and you can disable your wifi so you don't get ads everytime you reset a level.

The gameplay is really easy, you just match the corresponding item to their stick, forming 4 items in the same stick to "complete" a stick. Complete all sticks and you pass a level. What's the last level you might ask? No idea.

That pretty much sums up the gameplay. It's really simple and a great way to pass your time on the toilet while having some diarrhea or bowel problems (not that I'm talking from experience).

Also, I remember playing until level 50 or so before uninstalling. Just because the levels get higher doesn't mean they get more difficult. Sure, some of them I was being slower than some harem protag realizing his feelings for some girl, but in the end nothing too complicated.

I did write about the amiguru jumping one, so I tried this one a couple of months ago.

Simple gameplay, good to kill time and collect the other characters + trains without thinking too much.
The graphics are really cute, and that's enough to satisfy me tbh.

There are two modes, one where you can just play the game infinitely until you loose all your amigurus/trains, but you don't earn coins; the other mode are levels where after completing them, you get coins.
It's the same song going over and over (last time I checked). If I'm mistaken feel free to correct me.

Also, I recommend playing it with wi-fi disable, everytime you pass a level there'll be some pop-up add or video add.

Dot Romance


It's an easy to follow story. If you're like me, trying to find some otome games to play and practice your jp, or just wants to kill some time, I recommend you this game.
You can guess what dialogue options will get you favor with which characters, and the story isn't complicated, it also tries to make itself a little more than "still images".

The protagonist got cursed, so now every in-game ikemen is a dot. The more you gain favor with them + the more the protagonist comes to like them, they'll slowly change shape to something more human.

The only tricky part of the game (for me) was getting to the tanuki route, but you can search a walkthrough online.
There are also extra stories after you've finished the route, and a story of 2 male leads interaction with each other after you've finished both of their routes.
There is 1 bad ending (where it seems you don't get with anyone), but I'm not sure if there are more.

Apparently there's a voiced version now, but I haven't played it. I enjoyed the game with the no voice version.

Also, in case anyone was wondering, you can unlock the last form of the male lead by trying to not gain any favor with him, so you just need to make him hate you. That's only possible with the classmates if I'm not mistaken.

Hatsune Miku Amiguru Jump


Graphics are really cute, and the game in general is a bit addictive. It's the same 1 song playing on loop on the background (I could be mistaken, and there's a way to unlock more, but I never found an option like that).
If you're lazy like me, you can skip some platforms by using the coins (that you get in-game), or save those coins up to unlock more amigurumis.

Overall, it's a nice way to kill time, the game resumes itself on a loop of trying to beat your highscore, getting coins, buying new charas.

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