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Anime and Games suki.
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Anime and Games suki.
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Dark Corridors 2


Still a fun and worth it type of game to play is very easy from the start but when you progress further it gets more faster and harder to progress. I remember back when i played this game so good the bgm is still the same creepy and horrific as it was for me before fun nostalgia for me and it will be interesting to see if they make a second part of this game with some new story, characters, bgm and graphics if they do it will be fun to try it out for sure.



This game is awesome you can run on older devices too plus has great plot story with twists to it also has wonderful BGM's you can enjoy all the time the limited time events give different backrounds to unlock with along with it gives different music with itthe graphics and fanservice are great in this game, true that you need $$$ to get the premium skins since they are the best but there are also skins that you can get by saving quarts also if you play this game everyday and do everything as much as possible you can do per day then your progress won't be taking long time and lastly this game uses strategy and tactics on how you play it that's also what I like about this game it's not just go and deploy any units anywhere or just spam everything to win.Basically almost everything in this game can be aquired without needing to spend if you got enough patience and auto battle it out for the resources I'm an F2P and this game is actually good to the new players since I have played many other games and I know how bad they can be for f2p starting new players.Also this game has many different ways to get your units strong which I like like how you don't have to be dependant on one specific thing only to get those units stronger.And of course this game which is 2D/3D is still amazing as it was on the launch of this game additionally you can customize and choose your fav units and background theme as your game's animated wallpapers the game let's you have upto 5 (MAX) units on screen to watch and listen to it's music. Plus the game has Korean VA's so honestly I didn't like some of the units va's but most others were good to ok to some of them even great.Overall I'm still enjoying this game and I recommend you give it a try especially if your into strategy tatics type of games with awesome music and beautiful anime art along with story plot twists then this is your game btw, the pvp strategy (I'm not talking about the ranked one) is best and easiest to play and win just keep refreshing till you find an easy target to atk.

Google Translate


[害羞]Best game ever if not for this app then I would had to skip the games to play when they are in different languages but I use this daily and tada ~~ I can play different language games without any trouble.

This game used to be good now it is unstable laggy mess every event arrives along with it slow mo like matrix freezes sometimes the game just closes by itself and has connection problems issues bugs glitches and of course instead of fixing them they just put more content which in most cases is repetivie and also ofc unstable but no fixes and patches the only thing sadly is these fixes and patches brought are more unpleasent gameplay I like this game specially because I like KOF but the game is not what it used to be before and is becoming a lot of more disappointment then fun playing this game a lot has changed and not for good for the mostly the fun aspect is not what it used to be, worst thing is that for new players if your starting new now doing everything especially the end game harder content it will be very extremely difficult to do like the limited time events, the pvp is mostly crazy as well as if bugs, glitches, errors, lags were not enough you have to face hackers and cheaters so 100% no fun but the Jp ver is still better than the messy Gbl ver I quit playing global since it was out of control to play it Jp has problems too but not like global has for me also the customer service for global is not at all good once I had a problem and reported it it got ignored and they said we checked it no problem there but it was during the world drop event just like how they don't care about cheaters in TA, boss dungeon and pvp they rarely care about anything but just add crazy amts. of packages insted of focusing on the problems now I play jp one but I do not feel the same interest as I did long time ago playing this game just same old stuff boring nothing actual good new content which has no problems and is great but instead spend way more $$$ do same grind same old and plus new everysay lags, bugs, cheaters and all ither game issues which got nothing to do with phones and connections I would quit this game maybe sooner then later again I love KOF which is the reason why I started palying the game long ago but now game going in wrong path and going on without choosing the right one It' best to move on to anither great kof game which is atleast better then this one in many ways then just stress and suffer.

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16/16 collection complete !!
Awesome plus i like all the cards they are great 💥⚡👍🏻✌🏻
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