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sstan kasumin!!!!!! 👑👑👑👑👑

idk i love miki _(:3 」∠ )_

love it, i didnt think they would release the en server this fast !

edit (12 oct 2019)
i hate this game's gacha so much 😔

I WANT TO LOVE THIS GAME,, but i cant even download the data because it's so SLOW and need a lot of space fhbdbdjsjj

hey i love conan but the ads and gameplay is annoying

honestly idk what im doing because i dont know how to play this game but I got attached to baby tenka😍 so i'll stay for a bit longer



i love my boy riku, but I dont like the gameplay at all, very confusing, i'll keep following them because i love readyyy but not the game unfortunately...



into the tutorials and already an "ehhh" for me ugh I really want to love this game because i like one(1) dude, but the gameplay is really annoying (unvoiced too, i know va cost a lot but ... you know)

On Air!


i love it!!! i love prid's and hotaru the most, at first it was so laggy and a lot of bugs, but coly take care of it pretty well! it's been running pretty smoothly so far? it's quite generous, they gave you cs(like gems for scouting) everytime they announce a gacha, you get like 200cs~400cs. i think this game is unique, I hated tap tap game because it's boring af... (enst*rs 👀) but they really go all out with the voice acting which I appreciate a lot, that's why I enjoyed this game! i wish they will make the loading screen faster... I mean like in bandori, after you downloaded something, you don't need to download it again and again, seems like on air lacks of this aspect because it's always loading everywhere I click, even the things I already downloaded, like event stories.

i loved the anime but i cant even play the game ig thats it 🙂

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