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Hello, Some arts that i post are not mine.
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Hello, Some arts that i post are not mine.
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Genshin Impact


This game is really addicting tbh[汗顏] But the quality, the story line, bgm are all very nice! The characters are also simp-able hehe[厲害] Mihoyo really did a good job on this game! My phone storage is dying though[委屈] I won't complain about anything because i'm really grateful to play genshin as a f2p! The quality is really amazing[微笑] Even if i lose the 50/50 alot but that's ok atleast i'll get a guaranteed on the next pity lmaoo[難過][難過] So the point is, this game is very nice! Highly recommend [害羞][開心]

I love this game[微笑]. The story is intresting. It is kinda hard to pass the chapters but it is still a good game. The quality is good. Nice story [微笑][微笑] Seec games are the best games to read mystery stories[開心]

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