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Really like it so far. I usually don't like these style of chibis but there actually pretty cute.

Eclipse | Japanese


Finally got a phone that can play this and I love it.



I really love this game. I dont understand any of it but it is fun. The fighting is auto and theres alot of easy ways to get charecters. Highly recomend

I really like it but I cant get past the first boss(?) without the game crashing and making me start over.

I really like this so far. Ive tried it in different languages and didnt like it because I couldnt fallow along but now that I can read it its much better. Still not a big fan of the "have to heal them" after a mission but its not that big a deal. Also thought the game was laggy before but after I changed the graffics it runs much better and honestly dont have a big issue with the garphics going down (cant even tell to be honest). All around a good game that Ill hopefully get to play for a while.

Blue Archive | Japanese


This is so cute! I love the little chibi fighters. Ive played a shooter game like this but they were bigger. The only problem I have is a black screen sometimes during loading and blacked out enviernment when there going through the playing feild. But when it works its really cute and pretty.

Absolutly love it. The art is great and the fight style isn't too complex. I with I could read the charecter names but thats just me

This is incredible! I love the art and game play. I really wish I could make the camara automaticaly look where the charecter is looking but other then that a great game. Would love to see this in English one day

I like the art style of the charecters and the general look of the different selection screens. The fighters are 3D but there cute so its actualy a plus. Cant say much for story since I cant read it but dosnt matter to me. The only draw back is the multiple loading screens but there fairly quick so its not as bad as it could be. Overall good game that Ill be playing for a while

Among Us


Very fun. Hard to keep track of everyone and learn the map but over all a solid game

Really fun. The "rigging" for the tankgirls(?) is kind of funny and the artwork overall is a little old school but still cute. Not gatcha centric. Alot of girls can be gotton through the story so its not as important as other games. Everything is auto and as far as I can tell theres no way to change it but Im fine with it since thats how I usually play. All around good game.

Cody Girl


Very cute. The artwork for the clothes and charecter are pretty and its not too difficult to get rubies (game curency) since you can do "jobs" or watch adds. Theres not really a story but with this type of game its not really needed

As far as gatcha goes there arn't alot of charecters (50 something at the moment) but it dosn't matter because all of the charecters are adorable. The full body artwork for each charecter is nice and the chibi fighters are really cute. Fighting isn't to complex and can be autoed or manual. Definetly something that can be finished if you want (theres around 19 chapters with different amounts of fightes per chapter plus extra battles). Definetly recomending this to anyone who likes 2D fighters

It is just a short demo but it was cute. The art is adorable and the story was interesting

I Love Coffee N


Ive been waiting to play this for a while and I was not dissapointed. The graphics and art are so pretty. Even if I can't read it its pretty easy to figure out what they want you to do. Definetly keeping this [開心]



Its realy cute so far. Not the machanics I would expect but nice none the less. I like that the fights try to be like a drematic anime

Its pretty good. The 3D fighters are cute and the 2D art is nice. Getting more charecters is a little confusing but its mostly about sticking with one group and makeing them as strong as possible



This was so cute! Super easy to play and fun to see the various girls do videos on different things. Perfect for something easy to have in the background. I just wish I could read it.

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