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Seems lacking compared to the old app

Also needs a way to move data from old app to new, moving my characters back to the band then to the new app seems needless.

Ragnarok Origin | English


Doesny really do anything new but does most things right.

Matching with others to go into dungeons is impossible, seems like no one is doing dungeons or mayve im just too low leveled.

Is far better then RO eternal love, which only has whales playing.

Alice Legends


I heard about this game from the artist. Silly Alice in Wonderland game, wish the game play was more in line with poker and not just matching, many a time i hand a great hand but couldnt do anything bc I wasnt playing with poker rules.

This game is really well done. Some of the puzzles can be a little esoteric but on the whole really well done.

When I felt trapped during the pandemic, this game helped unwind.

Populated mainly by whales, with 80% of them only winning bc they spent 10k a month. I as a free player was able to 1v1 a whale till he called in his whale friend.

Its a battle tactics game (think Final Fantasy Tactic or Ogre Tactics). Gather your favorite Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood characters (mine are the Homunculus) and fight it out.

There are no side or rear advantages or elevation advantages however and zero real customization. All unites come with set skills and stats.

Looks nice. Plays simply.
Characters looks like their anime versions, but the 3d modeling makes them look just a bit off.

Story follows the anime, so its not getting any points for copying.

Load times vary from too long to none at all.

I see one huge issue, you need duplicates to fully unlock your characters; and its not a 1 for 1. Everything about how the gochta and unites work in this game are excatly like Tales of Crestoria, and thats not a good thing. Sub items also need duplicates to level up and make your characters stronger. With PvP will lead to whaling at a horrible level.
Tales of Crestoria only lasted a year, I fear this will happen to this game as well.

What will happen is fan favorites will have a ton of variants, where characters with less screen time and less liked will be lucky to see one. Looking at your Sloth.

As a gotcha it comits one of the largest gotcha sins. When you pull they want you to dial on an old rotary phone and spin it 3 times, as far as i can see the number you dial in has no effect on who you get and it just wastes time.

This game does the BP rewards and they have a SSR character you cant get any other way unless you spend real money. Talk about scummy.

Not much of a mercy system for multipulls as of yet and will have to be something they address at some point.

One huge issue is the game dains your phone battery quickly, so isnt much for trips into work or car rides.

Play and enjoy but DO NOT spend money on this game.

Been playing this since launch, good graphics, great story, standard Tales game play. Game is fast paced but still skill is needed. i have won fights i shouldnt have bc of skill and tactics.

Can make a character viable to play rather easy with the prism shop but wont be amazing without master artes or mirrors. Grade shop is one of 2 mercy systems at play when doing multipulls. Amazing system if you get repeats; if you max out a mirror and get it again youll get a currency that lets you random pull for a mirror or save up and you can pick which mirror you want.
Go into it with a plan of who you want and focus on 4-5 characters and slowly work your way up to getting others as you play.
Every character is viable and while every arte isnt it does come down to personal preferences and play style.

Events have just the right length (about 2 weeks), wish there was a 1 day downtime between each event/new story chapter, but its not too bad.

Have gone 3 events without getting something nice/new (thou i dont pull for every event as i dont care for every character), then get a ton of swag in the next event with free pulls (with the current event I got 2 master artes and 3 mirrors; 2 of the mirrors were for the same character and the other i had maxed already but still got 3 mirrors).
Some of the newer master artes and mirrors have a much lower drop rate, which is a bummer.
Whales are here and make you feel weak but there is no pvp so its more a feeling of being a kid with a stick vs someone with a sword.

No pvp, but there is weekend coop which is actually a lot of fun (its not every weekend but it doesnt need to be). You get to pick from a roster of characters then from those you get 2 at random and go in with 2 other players and you 3 have a timed arena battle and you get graded for how well you do. Wish more games did this.

Biggest drive (and how they get you to spend money is) to get the characters you like and become better at the tower and challenges instead of trying to be better then others/whales.

Not every new arte or mirror is game breaking, and some 3☆ items are better then some master artes; i still ha e 3 characters who use 3☆ items bc they are better. Same goes for crossover characters.

It has a good amount of customization for your bot; from chips, to medals, to fighters, to parts.

UPDATE: Drop rates are terrible, to get the mercy system to engage you need to do 25 multipulls; youll need 750 premium currency for it, maybe youll get lucky and get the bot or part you want in the first 10 pulls but most likely you wont.

Started playing at the begining of February and I have only gotten 2 premium bots.
Events youll need the premium bot for that event to make any head way in getting the event currency to buy upgrade items. Last event had a special medal and bot to get but you needed both premium bots to get either. Which leads into that youll need special items to upgrade your parts; youll get them from like I said events or from pulling repeat parts.

There is ZERO match making in pvp. In the weekly pvp as a bronze player i was regularly put up against gold players, and there is still several more levels above that. If you lose you can drop ranking, I was put up against 4 gold players in my first outing.
Then there is real time pvp. Thats where the whales get to really show off. Its expected to play that 5 times a day but if no one is on then you are s.o.l., took me 5+min once to get in for a mission and another time it system timed me out (if that happens then it should be an auto win for me, but its not).

Special missions outside your dailies will come up. They start easy, like level up a part 3 times or level up a medal 3 times, or even do one mission. After 3 days then its win in pvp or change the colour of your bot or buy a skin for you bot. Pvp i just went over, for skins youll need another form of currency that im still not sure where to get; to change colour you need items that are from events in 3 months of playing I saw 1 even and couldnt get the items bc I could grind up enough event currency.

Takes 2 weeks to get to end game and all thats left is pvp which is completely pay2win as alot of good parts seem to come out once then never seen again.

I played 3 times a day (my morning commute on the train, at lunch, and right before bed), Im lucky to have a flexable schdule to play and even with that I made zero headway after 3 months.

DO NOT PLAY! If you start now youll be very far behind. I say keep your ears to the ground and wait for the next Medabots game and get in early.

Nice music, meh story, boring battle mechanics; since day one Tales games have always done real time battles with like 3 exceptions, this is turn base and feels so generic.
Very relent on top tier characters to get through content, so unless you drop some coin or are extremely lucky you wont get all that far as you will be competing with whales.

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SSR Lan Fan Talk about scummy. Only way to get the SSR Lan Fan is to spend real money. You cant save for her, or grind for her, you have to spend real money.
They will put fan favorites behind the pay wall, then characters you have to have to be playing at top meta. 
This is bullshit, and disgusting. 
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