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Shining Nikki | Japanese


big problem to relaunch the games there is something else like a connection than Twitter and Google when Google play does not exist in Europe it would be time to do it if you want it to work and also some money for information. Euro is the big currency you don't even exist on Facebook I think it's going to be a total flop like the one for Korea [發火]

Love Nikki | English


since 2019 it has become of the profis the chinese negotiate their prices with America and not England when you pay it is downright a bank in Finland in order not to pay the taxes in order to underpay these employees on the complaint side who cares the laws are not the same everywhere if you want it to work go directly to the google site or go to your team to boycott the games directly when in the beug it will always be there because it is not their problem they are there just for the money indeed the Chinese are big liars.

always the same stories that you have already read authors who no longer exist seen the current situation worse it has increased us too it is the crisis everywhere also bonus point which is of no use to you because it does not concern your authors same hoax and false advertising in English version one chapter per week without being updated

do not confuse Final Fantasy with this zero maneuverability game, problem when you choose your character you have chosen his outfit you find yourself in pajamas. Downloading it will cost you a lot of space overheating all smartphones including i phone. Games plus for pc and console only it would be time to listen to those who hold the money wallet us parents the generation 70,75,80,85,90 those who played Street figther, resident evil, mario card, mortal combat and Sonic those who know SEGA and NINTENDO yes because Play Station and come after and above all these games and a pay 2 win at the beginning you test and after you pay

Les gros arnaqueurs sont effectivement les chinois des enculés de première c'est exactement le même jeux sauf la traduction et ils te font croire que leurs jeux ce sont fait racheter tu m'étonnes que la Corée a porté plainte et comme des connes elles continuent à jouer avec malgré les beugs faites gaffes vous allez vous faire pirater vos comptes et perdre votre avancés.

pay to win no chance game and read suite story exist CB the game date and no body comment

Flower's Contract


Le jeux date tu traduits dans ta langue les commentaires tu comprends rien du tout l'histoire c'est pareil respecter la langue de Molière les mecs sont moches et tu fais comme avec les autres jeux exploser ta CB tu sais même pas si les personnes sont en vie ou pas aucun commentaire après silence radio.

Pas de MAJ , gros beug si tu mets pas internet tu risques de tout perdre les mecs sont pas terribles histoire nul un pay to win les personnages restent figés dans la même postures. Le jeux à 4 ans , les photos dates et tu ne sais pas si c'est personnes sont encore en vie ou si tout simplement elles ont virés le jeux.

deux meufs jouent depuis sa création aucune photo puis plus rien à croire qu'elles ont viré le jeux .

the big bad game, the big arnaque, we freedom pay or not no chance a gamers, the décalage is inexistante sorry but i'm live Europe we décalage different and the devis is different the liar publicity where is game translated English your are a big liar is not créated and sorry but the event festival is bad respect Europe please i'm live is PARIS what the dress is a bitch in tenue . You moked tenue draditional Corée not moked mode fashion tenue PARIS CAPITALE OF MODE.[發火]

i'm playing game Europe and we are a big problem is not respect your game the different is language translate English and French just this but your event and game the game love Nikki english is no respect i like your event but is impossible game because i don't speak a beautiful language chinise please you are hope for love Nikki game Europe my dream is a frontière game is open.

I'm telecharged and i'm play 15 days and i'm game chapter 3-6 and pffff back the accueille page impossible for me acced Facebook plus i'm pay 1$ for stamina and the explication is write chinise i don't speak and write my mail for him is bad sorry but is my name french respect please help is not possible comtinued why [大哭]



I'm problème impossible for me to read BL you speak Coréen not me the big shit the translation of language is impossible in the site I'm speak English and I'm French you are a big liar my money is Euros it's impossible for transaction my pass is impossible why I don't six letters is my pass I'm pay in my pass it's not problem. 😠😠😠😠

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