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Atelier Resleriana


Stunning 9/10
Really The most beautiful mobile game I've ever played
Literally every scenes were animated beautifully

1month into the game
The dev does listen to players and making even more friendlier adjustments
Including pity system with one single type long term gacha credit to exchange any characters u want

Combat design+atelier contents super fun and deep
Generous events and have very very good sense of making mobile game like pacing or resources rewards supporting players to move along with the latest main quest

With more challenging new event without actually affect getting all rewards even if u can't beat the quest
The challenges also not just combat power gate
It's designed in a way u needed to do equipments specific for the event so everyone is putting effort to challenge it

Similar combat idea to Heaven Burn Red
With position of Attacker Breaker Defender Supporter
Combined with Atelier items and equipment to play
It has another queueline for ult and buffs
Make play with different speed skills
Time it for specific turn to get buffed/debuff/ULT

Gacha for characters+memorial mix pool
4% chara and 2% memorial rate with 150pity
(only need about 130pulls)
U can grind any characters LB shards daily

UI shortcut already well designed but could use some improvement to access storage for items also to collect the pie twice a day

Overall it's consider very f2p friendly and it's getting better!

Honestly kinda scam and no passion
Hestia in the main hall with animation looking good
But it is actually the Only One with animation

Everyone other than that has no animation nor plot
Just a dummy with none reaction at all..
including summer limited Hestia also 0 reaction

It is typical mobile game can't expect much
It had potential with the gameplay
But still the balance nailed the coffin

Love it

Heaven Burns Red


Best ost and art
Very slow pace
Hard game
Take time to enjoy

i can feel the fire

outdated everything

Zold:out | Global


so cheap yet so expensive...
no animation no live2d
no pity no creativity no effort
even ui design and everything is lack of sense
shockingly bad...



wow it has a 100% mold lol

Dolphin Wave


Very high quality
Very generous
Very enjoyable

Simple and f2p friendly
Just super generous with every resources
(except cafe gift

U can unlock any outfit or costume for every character
Fast pace gacha pool keeping up the hype
Currently only one collab character is limited

Grimlight | Global


It felt like they don't have common sense instead of inexperienced.
They've got nothing ready still release with no care
The server, the optimization, the rate, the balance
Feel like they give nothing but expecting player to pay.
U can tell there's no future in this

ECHOES of MANA | Global


limited mp is bad imo only staff can regen
means DPS requirement is super strict
at least addin mp candy available from shop

control is totally busted
try swipe roll on right side always trigger attack action
target lock on is the worst
struggling to hit the target thats literally on me
and it'll keep lock on to target from far away
can't even switch off target lock
and it should be auto correct your position while got close enough

Revived Witch | English


Good packaging but lack of value
1st min into the game u thought it's a precious game putting effort to become unique... really the rest of it its just the same unbalance meta pvp thing
it's dissapointing seeing people support this
so that every game just have to work on their packaging

Aurcus Online


definitely my favourite mobile mmo
no auto aiming combat means u can really outplay with skills
it changed a little thou
this is the game im so looking forward for a 2nd

最愛的 無自瞄 真技術
是最渴望 跪求出第二代的遊戲

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