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Aether Gazer | Global


It's very lacking enemies & level design which is killing this game

its character design is very well done but u can't fully advantage its beauty without good environment

it's honestly fun just being OP and enjoy admiring your mods
where u can focus on collecting character and care less about tier/meta play anyone u like

It combined everything we knew resulting in an absolute Frankenstein soup mixture making it very painful to understand

And the gacha rate is rigged... everyone is getting multiple gold in one pull and it shouldn't be manipulated to begin with

Cubic Stars


Once u change to d pad
this became very bland very base game
there's also no point to use a gyro
it doesn't fit the playstyle nor it's design
Not bad but not much

there's design of using the cart to separate/gather the whole team is somewhat unique but
it provide some manipulation while isn't really making the game more fun or enjoyable
not like having better skill matters anyway

optimization not good
really nothing special

basically remove the only enjoyable part of honkai
and then extended the worst part
not disappointed cause i knew it though
they just pulled a mini part of honkai3 made it into a game

Mihoyo CEO admitted use AI to do plot lines
They SKIP their work of filling plots
but force us to NO SKIP and watch their AI filled plot lines

Filled with tables and boxes in the whole map that trap the hell out of you
moving around in this is painful. so dumb so unnecessary

while people thought they put great effort in this
from the overdid animation that doesn't even fit
but you know it's a low budget shit keep reuse resources to fill a box and throw you init

other than the animation which they keep advertising
what they said better animation or facial expressions don't exist. In fact it's worse since they were pulled out from h3

while in previous works people can still making videos of their gameplay fighting challenges
now there's no content for creator to make video either

i hope they get a big slap from this
sadly they won't lose much since everything is pretty no cost
what's worse is seeing people paying and supporting this

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