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アルゴナビス, アドニス
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アルゴナビス, アドニス
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Helios Rising Heroes


EDIT: The game is suuuuper generous! You can earn rubies easily and they give very generous freebies! It's better if you play it now than to play it in tbe future wherein if HeliosR gets popular, they'll make it harder for rubies to earn~

Played this because HappyEle created this.

And I swear, I love this more than Enstars already! I'm more of a rhythm game player and I'm not that into turn-based RPGs but this one takes the cake! The art is superb and have I told you abou the special animation when you burst your 4* hero cards? There are a lot of things to do, so I suggest to take things slowly since the game just released not too much content is out yet. The only problem I have is the hero frames, it would be better if they created a separate gacha of hero frames because the rates mix with up with the hero cards, that means that you can get a pull that's full of 3* frames with no 3-4* hero cards.

But overall, I really love the game! I hope the events are not hellish as enstars 😭

hated utapri before bc my sister kept on singing maji love 1000% when utapri anime was released and now my sister hates utapri bc i kept on singing maji love 1000%

Got into bandori two years ago! I first started playing when WW server was released but I moved into the JP server once I knew there was QooApp [哇噻] Tbh, bandori was the reason I got into idol/band games,, thank u bandori and plz come he arisa 🥺


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feel free to add me :)
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