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Kamigoroshi no Aria


The similiraties between this game and King's Raid is uncanny. Like almost every single thing is identical. There's even copies of King's Raid units exist in this game e.g Aisha, Annette, Frey, Kasel, Mitra, etc. You even get a free UW for the first heroine, ring any bells?
The only difference i find so far is the stats for the accesories has been swapped, the world boss defense type also swapped. . and that's it
If you are into King's Raid, this is the game for you. Highly reccomended using the DMM version or Fanza (fanza has the 18+ scenes, they're quite alright)

Blue Archive | Global


I don't get why this is rated lower than the JP despite everything are pretty much the same. So far what "scummy" thing nexon did is just introducing a guarantee *3 package on launch, while the JP doesnt. Other than that almost all QoL improvements from the JP has been available in the global client i.e lower pity reach(used to be 300 on JP launch, now 200 summon) and getting character frags AND the universal frag when getting a dupe (used to be just the universal frag).
That aside, getting in the game has been a problem with a lot of people. Hope nexon fix this soon

No don't get in with your "pedophile" argument, it's just a game, a work of fiction

Legeclo: Legend Clover


Kamidori alchemy meister for android and fanza. But we can't make and sell stuff, the grind is pure for character improvements.
H-scene is accessible on fanza, you can hook your android account with the fanza version. I use Opera GX to play the fanza version, while adjusting my PC time to JST

Brave Frontier ReXONA


A good nostalgia to brave frontier 1, now with voiced characters. Voice acting is good, the 2D sprite is excellent and some of the 3D are direct upgrades from the old 2D sprites. Gacha is quite generous, 1 guaranteed unit for each 10 gacha, and thank God Shion and Regill doesn't broke the game...for now

Now let's get on to the bad
Outdated graphics, game is not optimized, VIP system AND VIP store, auto battle system is not so bright. Yeah, there are a bunch of red flags. A direct upgrade from their old 2D to 3D sprite is not all good, if you see the characters from the side it looked...unpolished. Graphic is old class and the gameplay is the same as their "arthur" game YEARS ago just with a touch of brave burst. My phone (Pocophone F1) get's hot playing this for an hour, almost the same when i do genshin impact, but with less progress since BF Rexona downloads data every.single.wave.change. That causes progress to be slow.

The game certainly has potential but there are problems that needs to be addressed and fixed, mainly the auto system and atleast some performance boost. Yeah and that VIP needs to go, or not, well i prefer that to be gone if there are PVP's.

P.S does anyone tried this on an android emulator? I tried it with LDplayer, memu and bluestacks (all 64 bit, ofc), and none worked

Time Defenders


TL;DR this is a complicated version of arknights
edit: there was a performance update, although it made the game smoother, they removed most of the things you can buy on the chromium shop (using currencies based on gem spent). Some of the items are super useful, so this looks like a bad sign for me, for a game that resources are rare and you'll need it from the get go.

Production quality is over the top. Each map is unique, and using basic every day life map is interesting. I like the classroom battle, as cramped as it is, it's super amusing to see one of my assault unit rides a horse inside the class.
Voice acting is good, not a lot of well known seiyuus but they nailed the characterization so thumbs up from me. But some voicelines sometimes doesn't play at all.
The 3d model and the 2d sprites are nothing but excellent, as expected of Vespa. The enemy design is quite generic and or basic. It is hillarious to see one of them uses a painting as a shield.
Current game engine is quite janky, i have to restart every 2-3 battle (using bluestacks 5.0). The game sometimes pauses itself when you cast a skill, cast it again to resume the game. Gacha rates aren't so bad, 3% for the highest rarity is quite generous compared to some gacha games. Although apparenlty dupes has a significance towards character growth. I'm not quite sure what it's for so i can't comment any further regarding that.

With that being said, from now on it's my rant towards this game. The game is a combination of TD (tower defense) and some bits from their previous game, King's Raid. Is that a good idea? For now, no. Characters are really fragile. A mob can kick your assault, the one that regenerates your "vitality" (or command points like in arknights), in the ass. Imagine getting hoarded by those bastards. The healer only heals half of the damage my units suffered. There are so much stats to consider, like crit, crit damage, elemental damage, resistent, p.def, m.def, etc. These stats affect the consistency of your auto battle, and my auto can fail for each 2 of 3 runs, despite it is based on a recorded sucessful run.Upgrading characters goes from leveling up, to limit breaking, to skill upgrading each time the character got a level up, and equiping with equipments (rune-like things) that has a stat and substats, that can be rolled. There's also unique weapons for each character that only available from gacha. And for some reason they made a character (Beatrice) a unique SSR (her icon glow red+yellow) and her rate is lower than other SSR, despite also being SSR. These are signs that might lead the game being a full blown p2w, and I do hope they don't put too much characters like this, or just balance her out.
I feel it is super complicated, more complicated than the run-off -the-mill tower defense that is already hard on it's own. Difficulty spike in this game is hideous, you get gangbanged straight up on chapter 2.
All of these can be accounted to me might be just bad at this game, so take it with a pinch of salt.

The game is new, so i will give it time to improve.
Would i recommend it now? If you don't mind playing something that quite challenging, up to the point of not being fair, buggy, not available in english, and quite the performance issues, then yes. Outside of that, no. Just wait for improvements. Or just make an account and gacha for Beatrice, and keep that until the game improved, at least performance wise

Purikone aside, i think this game is fun to play. The graphics are superb, the character art is lovely, all the l2d's are facinating, the voice acting is good, and the SD animation is what i love the most. Although the story is not too serious, it's fun to see the dynamics between the characters.
The gacha rate can be a pain in the neck but they are quite generous with the free gems. It will took you at least 30 minutes to roll your first 10 summon using gems (not the free 10 summon from the mailbox)

tl;dr stop comparing this to purikone and just enjoy the game as it is

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