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deep in gacha hell
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deep in gacha hell
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The Tale of Food | Global


This is my new favourite game🩷

The game that made me descent into idol hell is now available in English 💕

I mainly play on jp, so it's nice to finally understand what my boys are saying🥳

There's not much content right now but it's only the beginning, so prepare your hearts and dia🍀

I'm ready to invest my everything into this game and support the English release!

The characters are all beautiful with interesting personalities, the story is great, at least in my opinion, I'm loving it here[開心]

The art is great, I mean I was a fan of black butler and it's author since I was a kid lmao. Love the graphics and overall design of the game.

Sound effects + voice acting is on point.

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finally 🥺 I milked my account dry and my wallet took some hits for xavier😭 I lost 50/50 on his lim banner too but finally I'm getting closer to getting every card😭 Read Note
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