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I installed this game, not expecting much from it. The graphics and the character models are well made. An eye candy.
At first the gameplay was engaging for me since everything was new but "fusing" the buildings, the army, using the radar and such, it gets a bit stale.
The dating function is quite nice and you sometimes get pictures from the girls depending on what you do

The gacha is quite fair you don't need to spend tons of money to get good characters. Don't change this.
The storyline I skip most of the time.

Good game if you need to pass some time!



Started playing this game today! It's really addictive! The game play is really simple! With my.. Kind of basic Japanese knowledge I could it learn (being able to read Katakana and Hiragana helps a lot haha ) Love the cute design of the characters and I've got a lot of cool characters from the gacha already! So not a cash grab game at all.
Levels get progressively harder (Easy, Normal and hard mode)
And different characters have different skills (can't figure out all of those yet lol)
I think this is my favorite game for now!

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Where do I get these medals? Where can I get these besides From Asukas in Game event?  Read Note
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