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i downloaded,game will be available doesnt need vpn kudos for that

game will be available tomorrow lets hope it needs no vpn stvpid kids
edit: region lock sucks

fvck this region lock

Ange Relink


yabai desu ne!?

slow progress if u want to make it fast just spend

Tenmillion ZERO


old school pixel turn based strategy jrpg with auto battle 🔥🔥👍👍

Kemono Friends:Kingdom


multi language!? this is how they should do it!!
good game... priconne and this game 💖💖💖

Muv-Luv Dimensions


will be a good side just needs a little bit of optimization.

it needs a good voice acting and add more bgm.
overall if youre a fan of turn based this is a good game it just needs minor improvements...could have been a hit if they released it globally

Seiyaku girls


need optimization it heats your phone,add more bgm and dungeons,contents



summon rates is trash...and they remove valentine where u can choose 3star hero....wrong move devs

pls welcome global players by putting english languange option.... crunchyroll svcks greedy corrupted vultures

corrupted cash grab greedy version of crunchytroll

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wtf nickleback 🤢 Read Note
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