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Communication major gamer that writes reviews for fun from time to time
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Communication major gamer that writes reviews for fun from time to time
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Soul Knight | Global


Soul knight is a sorta-bullet hell rogue-like pick-up game. A lot of things that can damage and potentially kill you increase on the screen the more you progress, a dungeon-crawler game with no save points (thus, rogue-like), and mostly a game you can pick up, leave if you get bored, and pick up again whenever.

There's a lot of stuff and features in the game, such as a huge pool of guns, buffs, modes, characters, mechs (yes, robot suits), mounts, and numerous enemies.

Soul Knight is playable both as single-player and multiplayer (enemies get a little harder in multiplayer, to compensate for the increase in players). Each character has their own playstyle, many obtainable through grinding, while others are obtainable through money. You also upgrade these characters to have an easier time clearing the maps (which is done with RNG, and have RNG items/buffs like a normal rogue-like game).

The game only offers local multiplayer, but fortunately, there is workaround to do online multiplayer as well (you can look for SK Online Discord for instructions; and install the ZeroTier One app). Pretty fun experience playing with friends, family, and sometimes even random strangers.

Dotpict is a pretty nice and very easy to learn Pixel Art drawing app, and that's what makes it good.

It allows you to view other people's work, create your own palette (or even base it off on other people's art), customize your canvas size, and make either a static pixel art or an animated one.

The community holds events from time to time which can also spark you interest if you ever need it. Overall, pretty nice to use with a good community to be drawing with.

Guitar Girl


Such a calming game, and it's built to be one too.

As a tap game, the gameplay is pretty simple. You tap to get more points, or wait for it to tap by itself to gain more points. And then you use those points to unlock several items and parts of the game, such as upgrades, music, costumes, and characters (which lead to unlocking stories) to name some.

The game also has a screenlock feature, so you can leave it on with that and treat it as calming music when you sleep, do stuff like work or study, or even simply appreciating how nice the songs are.

This game continues to amaze me. Honestly, graphics and mechanics pretty much top tier, and I'm even saying that as someone who played honkai, which is what people usually compare this with. Mechanics may be complicated in the beginning but they become instinctive when you get the hang of it. The game isn't too easy either (I guess unless you're a whale) so it makes it pretty fun. As for the story, it could use some work -- it's pretty average.

For the gacha rolling aspect, spark is nicely and godly low (only 60 pulls for assured S Construct banner unit; 30 pulls for pity 6-star weapon) which already makes it pretty worth to play. Just make sure that if you're f2p or even a dolphin, I'd suggest going for construct banners with 60 to spark rather than taking a huge gamble for the 90 to spark. Pity/Spark count also carries over to the next banner of the same type.

There's also reasonable currency gain (around 5k a month minimum), and so far, all A Construct units have been completely free (of course, as long as you grind for their shards).

The game is pretty chill. Each banner lasts a month, along with the event stages they come with. New S constructs, based on how the schedule is currently now, seems to appear every 2 months. So in the middle is pretty quick day-to-day grinding (likely opening the game 2 times a day, around 15-30 minutes each session), and event clearing.

Be sure however, that your phone can actually run this game. It has considerably high graphics so if your device is pretty low end, then there's really nothing you can do about that (of course it won't work/be laggy/heat up, etc). Except maybe go use a different device or an emulator. If you do have the device to run it, then you can at least try this game out. You'd actually feel rewarded to grind compared to what several games put us gacha players through.

Alchemy Stars | Global


Alright, since I've seen other reviews, I just wanna let everyone know this:

The game DOES have a pity system, it just doesn't have spark. You will get an assured 6-star in 90 pulls. (2% for the first 50, then increasing chances afterwards) if you somehow don't pull one before it. However, it is not assured to get the banner unit (50% chance usually when getting a 6-star), unfortunately. The gacha aspect is kinda bad because of this to be honest. If they added spark it would've been much nicer.

The gameplay is pretty refreshing, and because of its nature, it is pretty unit-dependent (arguably roll-dependent). This also means that you can't just stack units altogether and expect to win, since it requires a good amount of strategy and skill-combinations.

The game has a full-auto repeat feature. As what I've observed, I might be wrong, it checks which tiles makeup your team first (say if you have 3 or 4 Water units, it will prioritize Blue Tiles) then checks the longest path and moves towards there. So take it as you will, you need to see if the team you chose works in auto.

The story itself is pretty nice. It becomes especially good in the game however because it's accompanied by pretty dang amazing art and music.

It's pretty worth to try, especially if you want a gacha game that finally has a considerably new battle system.



Counter:Side is really what you get when you combine a bunch of features from other gacha games, then (instead of copying fully) improve them really well.

That said, this game shares a number of aspects with many good PvP and PvE games like Girls' Frontline, Azur Lane, Epic Seven, and Arknights among many more. So it might feel quite daunting to adjust to for the people new to the gacha game genre. However, it doesn't mean you won't enjoy it.

The game has full repeat auto, and battle skip. Heck it knows that people normally leave their phones alone during full auto so they added a powersaver feature while doing your auto. The game relies on good team building, but unlike stingy games, if you start now, they actually give you so many chances to make your dream team. They even give out SSR SELECTION Tickets which is basically just handing out the SSR at this point.

Monetization-wise, you can think of this as epic seven. Very playable as an f2p, but has quite the amount of stuff you can spend on. High rank PvP is of course pay to win, like any gacha game. However, if you simply want to get PvP currency, getting in high rank does not matter as much (since you can go purely Strategic PvP where you can select easy to beat enemies). High rank pvp is more of a flex (but a very fun one at that) than having any gamechanging rewards, thankfully.

Storywise, I think it's pretty interesting, under the apocalypse-esque setting. It's a take on how soldiers are disposable and how all these things happening are simply, "business".

A lot of characters in the game are in Live2D (L2D) (yes, even the store AIs). Notice how in some games, you can put 1 unit on your homescreen? This game allows 5 and they can all be in L2D.

For the veterans of gacha gaming, this one is pretty deceptively good. This would normally miss many people's radars (because for some reason KR games aren't as famous as JP games) but if you do stumble across it (which is likely why you're reading this review), I think you'll have a bit of fun just like I do.

I highly suggest you to at least try this game out. This gem deserves at least that.

If you are about to begin playing this game and have no idea what Final Fantasy XV is yet, be sure to watch the movie, Final Fantasy XV: Kingsglaive before starting the game for better context.

It is completely understandable if you do not know what is going on in the beginning, but as you progress, you will (or at least should) be able to piece them together.

This game is a semi-open world "lite" version of Final Fantasy XV. This means that per chapter, you are free to roam in areas where you are in, with assets that are made for graphics that are not as heavy as that in the ps4.

There is no mini map or map marker, and it's not a lazy man's game where you just click the quest and it will automatically do it for you.

The story is pretty good. Complicated, but good. The characters have good personality and you can really feel it in the conversations. It's also fully voiced as well, and I love the animations.

Definitely not for phones that have low storage. It has a lot of content and assets, after all.

The pocket version kept the essential story parts of the game. I personally bought all chapters just for the nostalgia since I currently do not have a ps4 with me (and I really wanna warp strike).

The app, on its own, I think is worth playing. I'm glad that the first chapter is free, because it would let new players test the game first before actually buying.

If you have also played the original game, then I am telling you now, the story is the same, but of course, not being open world means that a huge chunk of the side quests are gone, and a lot of the mechanics are different as well.



Sora in an app? 10/10 will download again

This app uses AR technology to make your fave hololiver appear right in front of you~ You can even make them do the preset poses in the app.

As of now, the characters are: Sora, Roboco, Mel, Aki, Haato, Matsuri, Aqua, Shion, Choco, AZKi, Miko, Okayu, Marine, Kanata, Watame, Lamy, Nene, Botan, Polka, and Ankimo.

I will try to update this review whenever they add or remove someone.

Really cool app to be honest. Of course, you'd need to have a phone capable of supporting AR for the full experience, but even without, you can use the app with the default background.

UPDATED: 10/17/2021

SINoALICE | Global


This game is both PvP and PvE but mostly reliant on the PvP aspect. Of course, being a PvP, someone is bound to spend a lot of cash on it. So I can't really say that it's not pay-to-win, but if you ignore the whales, it's an average to good free-to-play game. Not to mention that it's also simple to play.

Aside from that, it has a lot of bugs. Don't get me wrong, customer support is not the problem here. They will reply you and try to address the problem as soon as possible but there's just a lot issues so the fix is just not fast enough.

The problem lies in the release of the game itself. It shouldn't have been released like it was just in its beta-testing stage. Not gonna lie, I planned to spend money on here, at least in the first parts, but the bugs lost my trust in the game.

Characters are dark and interesting, and I'm a fan of the art style. I also like that they have a spark system to help you get units and equipment. However, for a new game in this day and age of gacha games, it is lacking somewhat (such as the "success" you feel because of animation during a gacha pull).

So I just started the game and honestly for the most part, I had no idea what I was doing. The game's kinda bad at telling you what to do so I suggest reading up on guides regarding this game, especially if you're only starting now.

This game is a tactical PvE gacha (in a sense, I guess but it's really just RNG) that is completely free to play. Instead of the usual gacha rolls, you have a factory to produce T-dolls (the units), along with other stuff like Equipment (another type of production).

Since the game is free to play, it requires you a lot of time to grind for resources. There's no timer-energy system so the limiter here is your resourcers. So as long as you have that, you can just play all you want. There are also methods to collecting these said resources, one of which is called Logistics where you send a squad of units and wait for their return.

Again, highly suggest looking through guides or at least the in-game index to maximize everything. The game is actually good when you get the hang of it (you will be bombarded with loads of info at the start but try to keep going).

Best sheep game 10/10 would play again

Arknights | English


Originally hated tower defense games, heck I probably still do. Except Arknights, that is. This game is basically a well-built tower defense waifu/husbando gacha game (mostly waifus) with amazing art and good, maybe average, storyline (it gets better in time).

Not-so-quick note but for a gacha game, sure 6 stars are good, but don't be deceived as most if not every unit in this game is actually viable, depending on which stage of the game you are in. Low stars are basically your saving grace in early game (since they are easy and fast to upgrade), which are really important when rushing or maximizing resources.

Devs are pretty generous with rewards too. And don't forget to recruit to get certificates for the certs shop (which gives you both resources, and 6 star & 5 star units).

Metaslaves tell you to do this, and do that, but honestly as long as your strategy works, does it really matter? Just have fun with your units and enjoy the game~

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Got Kaf in Cytus II Haven't played this in quite a while but dang, didn't expect Kaf to be here. Bought her and now the challenge is to find more time to play (´≡ω≡。). Really looking forward to this~ Read Note
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