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Blue Archive | Japanese


pretty much a fun game. graphics looks great, sounds are great. i just cant read story yet coz i cant read japanese. im quite curious about the stories, especially the one tied to each character when u raise their bond.

the one bad thing about this game, is in a way one of the best thing about this game in my opinion. the auto function in this game, is hot garbage. the ai would just randomly activate skills when they're ready, and place them very inefficiently as well. like a skill could have a huge aoe, but the ai would just drop it dead center on the main target, instead of manipulating the radius to cleave as much enemies as possible, which you can do in manual.

that being said, i really feel the need to play this game in manual. therefore, i can actually.. play the game. and even when i don't have much time to play, there is a skip system after you 3* the stage, which only cost the stamina system that most gacha game has anyway. this is a big brain move by the devs.

following the trash talk on the auto ai, there is only 1 mode in the game that forces you to play in auto. the one mode i don't care about.. pvp. yes there is pvp in the game, its basically another crystal (premium currency, can be used to do pulls) income. but, with a great sheer amount of luck, i was able to obtain every character i wanted anyway without thinking about the pvp much. granted most of the units that i wanted were 2*s.

aside from the preciously mentioned crystals, the pvp also gives u these "pvp tokens". which you can spend to buy, from what i see at best, specific "character tokens" in the shop. the tokens are used to increase the character's star. every character can be ascended to a 5*. at 3*, they get a new passive skill.

now on a positive note. the l2d background that you get from raising the characters to a specific bond level is very nice. one annoying thing is probably the way to increade your characters bond level is quite rng based.

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