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nice design, just another AFK gatcha game. it needs more character-related content



surprisingly good after expectations from general reviews! gatcha outcome suck but if you dont mind not being the top tear and slowly working your way towards more... strongly recomend

Fox Hime Zero


great novel, great story! i wish for a sequel. or two! or more

Food Fantasy | English


iits great game with kind of unique concept. fun to play fir a tome. but youl will get bored sooner or later or pay a lot of money. there should be more fun events!

Google Translate


one if the most important things you need wjen playing Japanese, Korean and such games :-)

great looking girls... and thats pretty much it. worth trying if only for that reason. ofc stoty is not boring and system is fun... for sime time...

after 5 years and as a veteran player strongly not recommend. heavy pay to win system, there are huge whales in game you cannot compete with except with lots of money. Better spend you time and effort elswhere, the game system is not unique. Also game is set to motivate you towards spending more real money, during events even more. Technical optimalization is not good either. Takes unusually lots of data to load, crashes are regular.

if you are a fan of the content it's great fun to play and enjoy. and it's a gatcha game, that pretty much tells the rest of the story. consider my rating as a rating of a fan :-)

if you are a fan, its a must! else just skip it. game support is slow snd weak, often buggy. if you are a fan, you are fine :-)

Brown Dust | Global


gatcha game. rhat sats pretty much mist of it. great graphics, cute characters, since all-merger quite competitive. heavily pay to win, although you still can have lots of fun in PvE modes or with your guild mates. in this way well ballanced

Depose Girls


gatcha game combine with afk grind on PVE. thetes strong PvP gactor in this game both server snd inter-server arena and individual and clan wars with unique system. worth trying. most important are the girls though 😜

Genshin Impact


its Genshin duh! everyone knows that. easy to okay gatcha and explore game. PvP factor non existant. Its worth trying if only for the estetics of it

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