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Looks good enough but merging gets repetitive faster than you'd expect. The way the campaign and everything is handled is peculiar. Could be for you if you're bored of how most games work.

For now it seems better than the other one! Let's hope for the best!



This game for now seems to be quite good. To upgrade your characters you don't need copies but some books of the same rarity that you get either by getting an SSR you already had or by buying them. I can't really talk about the story since I don't speak this language but there's Evangelion sized girls so kudos. The game is full auto with your opinion being valid by deciding position and action order of the girls (it's actually important). The game is quite generous with the gems and summon tickets so I already habe two SSR (one of the I actually got her two more times so I upgraded their skills). Overall I would say it's solid and well it's great because unlike 99% chinese games you don't actually need to give an ID number so everyone can play.

Traveling Knight(CBT)


The game is overall good. The UI seems a bit unrefined and the English is a bit iffy but the characters are pretty and the tutorial short so let's say a 7/10.

Gorgeous girls, gets kinda boring after a while.

Isle of Genesis - Avalon


A pretty normal game I already tried. Google for some reason didn't save my data so r.i.p. me.
It's a decent game, not too bad but not great either. A good way to kill some time. I remember it being really into trying to make you buy stuff so it can be annoying. Overall good. Trying it won't kill.

I can finally understand what my bros are saying, which is the main reason why I'm happy. Having tried the various japanese versions of this series I can say it's a good game. I have minor problems with the songs but it might be because I'm used to SEKAI which is easier, for me at least. Reading the conversations makes me feel like I'm third-wheeing since there's some intense energy between the guys.
Talking about the gacha, well, I was lucky, weird. I got my first five star, other than the starter, and plenty of four stars. I'm probably going to die after using all my luck. Jokes aside, recommended, the grammar seems solid, which is unusual since sometimes translations in games create monsters.

Dislyte | Global


Great game but the grinding needed might kill someone

Considering how ofter they update this game you would think they figured out how to stop it from lagging, alas, the lags are so ridiculous you could call them petty, for example, not being able to create an account with the latest server, not being able to change username, not being able to claim reward or open mailbox and even freezing completely. Having unlimited patience for this kind of things I'll continue trying to play but I don't recommend it for anyone with anger issues. Apart from the fact that the lags are ridiculous, I couldn't even pull on the time limited banner, the game looks really good. So when it will stop whining it'll be a really nice game.

Clash Of Sky丨English


The game is good, grafic is pretty and colorful. I have two SSR so I guess the rates are okay. I think the story in the beginning is okay too, I'm a skipping dialogue person tho so I can't really say how it is going further. Overall a good time-killing game.
P.S. Please give working codes, I don't mind too much but it's kinda sad

Pretty similar to Armed Girls, there's nothing special. It's the kind of game you can play to kill time, which is nice.

If only it had English language.

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