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I am a duck! Kwack!!
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I am a duck! Kwack!!
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A game about horse waifus racing, bet you've never heard of anything like that before huh?
This is a pretty unique game
The graphics are great and all of the girls are soo cute!
Gameplay is actually pretty entertaining despite the repetitiveness
The soundtrack..... This is also an idol game so you bet the tracks are straight fire
Overall an amazing mobile game that you don't see that often these days.

This is just a dragon ball game where you match balls for power and get characters with stones.
Yet it is so freakin addicting, with each update comes a new character with skill animations better than the rest. And now with the anni coming to global ya'll better be playin this

Genshin Impact


I personally loved botw and regretfully gacha games and Genshin is the love child of the two.
The graphics are great even at the "low" setting cause I aint about to destroy my phone
The soundtrack is a bit lacking but there are few tracks that are absolute fire
The gameplay is just what you would expect from an open world rpg
Lets be real you don't really care about the story and just want all of the awesome characters, if not then dont diss me
Genshin is gud go play it.

The graphic is amazing(mobile standards)
The soundtrack is top notch
The gameplay is basically every turn based game but still pretty good
I cant read japanese so don't even expect a review of that
And overall this is a great game.

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