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Just sharing random moments of some games I'm playing or played before.
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Just sharing random moments of some games I'm playing or played before.
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This game is quite fun (to play casually even without relying on ads).
The graphics and animations are good, cute, entertaining, motivating and healing.
Things players can do when the cats are cooking are for example: Join ongoing event mini games, manually sell dishes (because we would earn less if fully rely on auto-selling), plan and decorate, upgrade facilities and product menus, fishing, and gacha.
It's good that we get to choose various decors and there is no necessity for characters to wear the specified items for buffs activation (just owning the item would do).
Storage (1GB or higher) and RAM usage can be rather high because of that (not as high as a 3D graphics game though).
Can be played offline generally.
Some features (e.g. fishing and maybe ongoing events updates) require internet connection.
Progress can be saved via Google play account (not sure about iOS).

p.s. I didn't and not planning to play this game on long term as of now. Therefore idk how high this storage and RAM usage will increase than which mentioned above and supposedly would differ according to device specs.



Banyaro has been one of my favourite game (to be honest, the only music rhythm game I played longest time and loyal to). To me, main attraction for this game is their SUPERB songs. Another is the gameplay system design and management which treat users/players rather generously which had me loyal to this game (it's just that when this game was still in service, I hadn't start writing any notes/review on QooApp platform, and well I'm not that used to write reviews as well... But thinking at least to write reviews for at least few of my favourite games [可憐]). Thanks to Banyaro too, I learnt quite a number of things, like getting to know good seiyuus, composers, singers, bands (e.g. seiyuu 蒼井翔太, seiyuu 梅原裕一郎, composer 古川貴浩, composer 大塚剛毅, singer 小林正典 and band WAЯROCK, singer Lotus Juice and band AMADEUS, composer 堀江晶太・kemu, singer 生田鷹司 and band PENGUIN RESEARCH, ... )

Have been loving and looping their songs since I first knew about their songs (even till this moment).
バンやろ 最高ーーー!!! [開心][開心][開心]

Tsuki's Odyssey


Good and interesting so far.
Among Tsuki series, I like Odyssey's fishing system the most.
Recommended for anyone who like casual + decor + relaxing + chilling + rather idle + scenery enjoyment + small surprises + some wholesomeness vibe.

On Air!


Sadly, found out about this game after its service ended.
Gladly, able to check out its limited version with all the GOOD graphics, 2D animations, voice actings, designs, interactives, stories, and many other still available in-game features and contents (quite high quality tbh, at least in my opinion). Clearly the developers put considerably lot of efforts for this game. Thank you, developers, seiyuus and all the staffs involved. 😄
Hence, I'll finish exploring this game and stay till its limited version server ends (scheduled to be in August 2021).

MapleStory M | Global




Tsuki Adventure | Global


So far good, interesting and enjoyable.
Can be played in a manner where it is not too rushing, but not too idle either.
Sort of something good to anticipate during short break times or after finishing the day.
Mail (carrots delivery) timer is a good implementation (in Tsuki Adv 2), would be good to implement it here too (since mail delivery countdown resets right after every mail redemption). [開心]
(currently using Tsuki Adv 2 mail delivery timer as indicator for both Tsuki Adv carrot collection 🥕🧺 )
Mail timer can act as a reminder for player as well: "Please come check again later for more surprises."
And yup, fishing system + vibration notice (kinda like Odyssey) would be good.
All other features good so far.

A3! | Japanese


The two aspects I love the most in the game are story and musics/songs/sounds. Just that it's kinda unfortunate that the A3 songs available in game is still too few as compared to those in the market. The gameplay pattern can be boring after some time due to it being repetitive. But to play it after busying for whole day is fun and worth the time, which is one of the reason I've decided to continue this game. The main reason I didn't rate any of the aspects full is because there's always room for improvements. Hence, in overall they are good.

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