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Justice Monsters Five


The mini game is a lot of fun on Final Fantasy 15, or at least I think so, and it's a major let-down to know it can't be played. Also I was sad to see that it is not available in the USA let alone in english... at least if I ever feel like playing it I can just play it on my ps4... and I guess I can play it on my phone but only if my wifi doesn't drop connection to my devices... would love to be able to play this on the go but until then I'm giving all 5 sad eggs and a disappointed review of what could be an awesome app specifically for killing time.

I've been eagerly awaiting the full english version of the game, I love the artwork but was dissapointed that I cant read the majority of the text that comes up 😰

Cross platform login between console and mobile versions and english for mobile too please! 私はこのゲームが大好きです。PlayStation4には英語版があります。 同じアカウントでプレイできるように、PS4とAndroidバージョン間でアカウントを切り替えるオプションを使用して、英語版をAndroidスマートフォンで利用できるようにしてください。

Love the ps4 version of the game! I just wish you could make the english version for Android too. Also having the option to switch between ps4 and android versions with a profile share email and password login.

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