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I like Gacha games very much.
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I like Gacha games very much.
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Blue Archive | Japanese


Everything from the designs to soundtracks is amazing. The gameplay.. not so much. It's a typical auto battle with manual skills in campaign, in pvp the auto skill is absolute braindead, it's horrible, either you have maxed out meta students or you just stay at rank 5k or above. The gacha if you don't pay or save for more you won't get the rate up students, and from my experience I got no rate up students straight up 4 new banners now and that's that, all >80 rolls and amount to nothing and dups for the one I already 5 starred. Still a great game to kill time if you don't mind the crappy pvp or the rate up, the cute characters and awesome ost was what made me kept playing.

Genshin Impact


I like almost everything this game has to offer. But ever since I reached endgame is feel such a chore to do one thing to another repeatedly despite they push out event every once in awhile. All in all, still a good try.

Minecraft | Global


Very fun to play with friends or alone to kill time!

Brown Dust | Global


The character designs are amazing but the rate drop for each off the character is abysmal. I spent 120 lengend scroll and didn't get a single 5 stars. On another hand, the story is easily forgetable and inconsistent, the gameplay is fair and requires you to set up your team but some stages require you to have a specific char or else you literally can not pass. And the pvp is filled with whales with maxed out chars and spell cards, don't expect to climb higher until "end game". All in all, still a fun try but not a good game to make me stsay for long.

Easy to gather BC if you constantly do daily and weekly quests. Pretty hard to get above SS if youre do not spend any money in this game. Overall it's good at the start of every new patch then gets really burnt out later.

Arknights | English


I have been playing this game for almost 2 years now. You really don't need to spend a dime to get an operator you want. Definitely recommended.

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